Monday, February 5, 2024

Truely Miscellaneous Today!

I was inspired to make a Quilt of Valor quilt by our speaker and so picked up a couple of fat quarters of patriotic fabric as I have none.  I found a pattern on Facebook that I liked and that I thought would be appropriate.  This is the finished top.  I am going to let someone else do the quilting as it is pretty big and I wasn't comfortable with doing it.

This is what the individual blocks looked like.

The back of yet another Quilt as You Go.

This is the front.  I added the green as the gold and brown started looking like Brownie uniform to me!!

This is a block I did for a friend who had sent me a envelope of scraps from a bridal quilt she has made for her son and daughter-in-law to be.  We have been email friends for close to 25 years along with two other ladies.  We have met up a number of times over the years despite geography!  I really wanted to have four stack and whack blocks but only had enough repeats for two.  I only had tiny scraps left when I was done!  I have held off posting it as I didn't want her to see i before she got it!

The last of the baby quilts made from those long ago striped fabric that I had made.  I don't have enough left for any more.  I tried to use lighter fabrics both on the front and the back.

All done except for the binding which is done now.  I only had 1/2 inch of the blue fabric left!

Had a nice visit with my daughter and was surprised to see a bunch of Cedar Waxwings in one of her trees.  At the time, I only saw 2 but when I looked at the camera pictures, there were obviously six or seven!

Her neighborhood Great Blue Heron payed us a visit as well.

A Great Egret also visited but was chased away by the heron who had claimed the territory!


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