Thursday, May 23, 2024

Quiltfest -- Genesee Valley Quilt Club Show for 2024 - Part 2

It't going to take days to see all the quilts I took pictures of!!  This and the next two are by Cindi Renaldo.

I made this one extra large because you need to see all the stitching!

This and the next one were done by Diana Woodruff!

This and the next two were done by Donna Schalge.


I may have missed mentioning who did the machine quilting on many of the quilts but the qulting on thihs one was done by Kimberley Werth and truly spectacular as is this magnificent quilt.

This quilt was done by Diana Willard.

This quilt was done by Ellen Erne.  There were a lot of quilts with animals and other flora and fauna.
This was done by Ina Randall and portrays the eclipse we had this spring.

This and the nest quilt were done by Jackie Derock.  Spectacular!!


Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Quiltfest -- Genesee Valley Quilt Club Show for 2024 - Part 1

This was a spectacular show so there will be several posts showcasing the many of the quilts.  I deeply apologise if I have gotten any of the names wrong and also the fact that I missed the names on a couple of the quilts.  I could have taken many many more pictures as there were many other outstanding quilts but by the end, I was suffering from camera fatigue!  I also managed to delete a few with my new computer with its picture software which I didn't have totally under control.

This and the next quilt were by Amy Lippitt.  Of course, I am drawn to colorful quilts.

This quilt was done by Antonia Kurt-Hering.

This quilt was by Audrey Pantas.
This quit was by Barbara Konengold.  A friend, who was helping with the judging, said the judges had a terrible time picking the winners of the ribbons as the quilts were so spectacular -- especially the applique ones.

This is by .Barbara Miller.

This quilt was done by Betsey Speer..

These next three absolutely spectacular quilts were done by Carol Manning and I think they were about my favorites in the show.  This one was probably my very favorite!!  The precision and color were just gorgeous.


This and all the following quilts were done by Chris Wickert, a prize winning member of our Club who was a featured quitter.  Many of her quilts have won major prizes in national quilt shows.  You can see why!

Saturday, May 18, 2024

Finishing Up Some Tops

Finally got the inside of this quilt sewn together.  I will be adding a couple of borders after I do the quilting.  As I no longer have any batting here, it will wait until I head south.  I am pretty pleased with the result.  I found that I really didn't like surrounding the blocks with anything other than white but compromsed on the border.

I actually tried a configuration with half square triangles like I have done previously but again, didn't likee the colored fabrics abutting the "posies".  So I tried this configuration which was okay but didn't increase the overall size of the quilt anymore than surrounding each of the blocks with white sashing which is what I finally decided to do.

Here you can see all 64 blocks completed and basically how I decided to go with for a solution as I really like the individual blocks.

All the blocks properly sashed.  Like the other quilt, I will first put a white border and then probably some green and maybe a dark purple.  It is currently 38 x 48.


I have a ton of 4 1/2  in x 2 1/2 strips cut.  There will probably be several more of these neonatal quilts done before I can use them all up!!  I don't have nearly enough of the 6 1/2 strips cut so that will be next.  

I still have some more blocks to deal with as well  - more stack and whacks.

Monday, May 13, 2024

Back to Stack and Whacks!

I brought a bunch of unmade blocks back from the south figuring I would work on them here -- actually two good sized boxes full!  I have l looked everywhere but can't find a picture of the fabric from which these blocks came.  My first though was to alternate these three color borders along with a couple of other fabrics I had.  These borders are all from my hand dyes,

I didn't like how the above looked so decided I would just border with the light  purple and green and make all the blocks in the middle white.  I had 30 blocks altogether so the arrangement will be 5 x 6 and each block finishes at 8 inches.  I haven't decided what borders to add and won't finish the whole thing until I get back to the beach where my big roll of batting lives!

They aren't sewn together yet but this is how the center will look.  I will be adding probably 3 borders but will have to do some auditioning first.  I will cut the pieces and put them with the top.  I have found for me, it is much better to add the borders after I have quilted the top.



I still had a piece of fabric large enough for 4 repeats so I cut these blocks much smaller -- 2 1/2 in instead of  4 1/4.  I now have 64 of these to sew up and then more decisions about how to use them!  I like the smaller blocks better and I have loads of the light purple and light green fabric left.  I am thinking of arranging them with half square triangles.  We shall see!

In the meantime, have finally gotten all my quilts and garments ready for our quilt show this coming weekend,  There will be lots of pictures after that!!!


Friday, May 10, 2024

GVQC May Meeting


This and the following quilts are only a few of the 35 comfort quilts that were turned in -- I had four of the neonatal quilts in the lineup!

This and the following quilts were all part of a presentation on the Language of Flowers by Linda Hunter from Lockport New York.  She had a number of vintage quilts.  This was not all the quilts she showed.

This was done by the Egpytian tentmakers and was stunning!
It is all appliqued on canvas.

The following are a few of the show and tell quilts.  For some reason, the people carrying them only held them up  on the left side of the stage and then folded them up rather than carrying them across the stage so I didn't get picture of many of them.  This one was done by Ruth Ohol and I am sorried I didn't get a better picture. as it was gorgeous as all her work is!!

This is an example of a stack and whack that will be taught at our Fall Migration workshop in October.

This was made by one of our few male quilters in the club.

Each month we have a raffle quilt and this was this month's.  Sadly I didn't win it as it was beautiful!

This is the incredibly gorgeous raffle quilt for this year.  It won an Honorable Mention at the Paducah Quilt Show.  Tickets are still available and will also be sold at our show which is next weekend starting on Friday May 17 and continung through March 19 at the Rcchester Institute of Technology Field House.  There will be 64 vendors and hundreds of beautiful quilts from all over!