Wednesday, March 6, 2024

An Old Time Favorite - Stack and Whack!!

Another baby quilt of truly leftover fabrics.  It's not too bad!  I am trying to use up random baggies of 4 patches and 2 1/2 squares that were just sitting there as I always overachieve when cutting pieces for a quilt.  Needs borders, quilting and binding.

The last of this patterned baby quilts for awhile!!  I picked up a bunch of random baby prints from quilt club and used them all!

I was scheduled to show some ladies how to do "stack and whacks" and found a lovely piece of flowered fabric to play with for myself.  It was enough for 8 repeats so I made an 8 piece stack and whack with half and used the second half to made 4-patch posies  I should have made the strips larger for the 8 piece ones as they will only finish to about 4 inches each and you lose a lot of the pretty flowers.  These are 58 of the 60 I made.  Now to figure out a setting for one or two quilts.

This is a closeup givig you a better idea of what they look like.

This is a lot of the 4 patch ones but I have more to add
This is a closeup of several of the blocks.  I do like these better.  They were cut from the same size strips as the 8 sided ones!


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