Monday, January 9, 2017

City Lights is Finally Sewn Together!

I am very happy with how City Lights turned out and will keep it in this horizontal orientation.  I think the green represents trees and little park areas while the blue areas are ponds.  The rest is made up of shopping centers and tall buildings casting shadows.

This is the vertical representation.

I finally ironed the gradated Boysenberry to Basic Blue.  The deepest shade is 10% Boysenberry and 3% Basic Blue.  It is really rich and dark as are the 5% and 2.5% Boysenberry.  The Basic Blue is 3% in each piece.

 This is the 2.5% Boysenberry and 3% Basic Blue.  I really liked this one and the next one which is 5% Boysenberry and 3% Basic Blue.

I thought this one was very rich looking!

This is the Strongest Orange overdyed with the 3% Sun Yellow.  They are all ironed now and that is the most fun part of the dyeing process!!

Here they are all stacked up and made me think that I need to do gradations between all the different colors.  I know I have a yellow to green one but that leaves green to blue and an orange to red.  Hmm.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Some Dyeing and Moving Ahead with City Lights

Well, in a few days I have finally made progress on City Lights.  Each day I think I have made enough four patches, only to still have empty spaces!!

I try to take pictures at the end of each day.  I only work for about 2 hours in the afternoon but if the weather is really bad, l may be found downstairs a bit more!

Almost done!!

Well, finally all the patches are done but far from being sewn together.  Let's hope for no big breezes!!  That is one jigsaw puzzle I don't want to put together!

I decided that I liked this orientation better and more in line with the title as it is more a landscape!

I got together with my dyeing buddies yesterday.  They did some extreme overdyeing while I just did some gradations.  This one is a gradation of Boysenberry with a 3% solution of Basic Blue added to each pot.  They are really a bit darker than this picture shows.

This was a gradation of Strong Orange with a 3% solution of Sun Yellow overdyeing it.  I really prefer to do it in one step but got lost in the process.  Again, think they are darker than the picture shows.  I wanted to do these as a sunset quilt is in my future.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

A Major Shift in the Birds of a Feather Quilt!!!!

Just a peek at the fireworks pictured later in the post.  We actually stayed up until midnight as we can see the fireworks from our porch!

You can see I totally changed directions on the Birds of a Feather quilt deciding (like one of my commenters suggested) that it was really two quilts.  I tried to surround the little appliques with more black but that just looked clunky.  So I decided to cut into some of my hand dyes and surround the appliques and make the whole quilt a lot smaller so that the appliques would not get lost.  They are only 4 inch square - I surrounded them with a little black so that they would be 5 inches finishing to 4 1/2 inches.

The following pictures are all from the Kure Beach fireworks which happens every other year about a half a mile from the house.

It is always fun despite the struggle to stay up until midnight!!

 Now to go back and use all the squares left from the other attempt!  It begins...

 It's growing.

Back to the sewing machine to make some more blocks!!  I already have a name for it -- City Lights!

Friday, December 30, 2016

Progress on Birds of a Feather

Have been making progress and at this point am keeping with the 9 x 13 format of the other quilt..  Amazingly I discovered that half the birds were facing in one direction and half in the opposite direction.  I moved them so that they all faced to the middle!

At this point  I decided that I should make the quilt in a slightly smaller format so that the birds wouldn't get lost as they are supposed to be the focus although not the focal point.

Steadily adding more squares and now things are getting more planned so they aren't completed squares anymore but broken into four parts as I build up the areas.

Starting to rearrange the blocks and decided that the yellow in the middle was looking much too much like a focal point so went for the calmer blue but may change again.

This is where I left the design wall today!  It's getting there!  Lots and lots of moving around at this point and will be more tomorrow I am sure!!  It now has a name as well -- Birds of a Feather.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Progress on the Bird Quilt -- Not Sure Yet.....

Well, getting lots of blocks done and randomly adding them to the wall at this point.  

A few more blocks added.

Lots more blocks but when I came down this morning, most of this was on the floor!!  Seems my daughter's kitties must have been busy!  I am also deciding that the small birds are getting lost in the randomness even adding the black around the edges.

So here is the start of another variation which features the birds in the middle of the quilt.  This arrangement uses all but two of the blocks and those two are the only two that weren't birds.  I want to maintain some of the randomness of the background and a lot of work will have to be done to do that.

I thought I might feature the flower block in the middle but that almost forces me to be more regular and I really don't want to do that.

So this is where it stands now.  I am almost positive that the flower block will be removed.  and replaced with a plain block.  I am in the process of putting together  bunch more blocks.  This is less than half of what I need for the 117 blocks that make up this quilt -- I am doing it the same size as the last one.  This shows the width and with three additional rows on top, that will make up the length (9 x 13 blocks).  Hopefully this will remain on the wall overnight!!

Friday, December 23, 2016

Okay More Sunsets, Some Birds and a Start to My Next Project

 Can't help myself on these perfect evenings for sunsets down at Ft. Fisher.  I took this bunch from a little different perspective.  The trees are Live Oaks and make the scenery look like the African plain even though there is a river in the background here which you can't see as it is too dark!

I really liked the sky in the background.  I used my little point and shoot so I got more into these pictures than the others where I was using my telephoto lens.  

 Just a couple more!!

All done until the next nice evening!!  Really want to get some purples.  I call the sky "sky blue pink" which was actually a color I remember from when I was about 8!

Carolina Beach Lake has had some birds other than the many Cormorants and Coots.  This is a brightly colored male Bufflehead.

This is a Ruddy Duck.

This is a male Scaup -- I used to see tons of these but this is the only one i have seen this year.

The Ruddy Duck joined a male Bufflehead and two females.  The Buffleheads were constantly diving as was the Scaup.

This is a very early start on my next quilt.  I am incorporating many of the smaller Panamanian appliques I purchased from Priscilla Kibbee.  They are a little short of the five inch squares I have been using.  I will be adding a lot of plain black squares in this one as well (there was no black in the other quilt).  I have gotten a ton of these little 4-squares done already so now ready to add in the larger squares and start some assembling!  Progress will be halted as my daughter will be visiting for Christmas and I don't like to isolate myself when she is here!

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Sunsets, Sunsets, Sunsets and a Few Birds

There was a pair of Buffleheads at Carolina Beach Lake this week.  They stayed far far distant so this was the best I could do

A large flock of Ibis were sleeping down by the lake as well!

Forster's Terns resting  but they are usually flying around like crazy.

A lone Snowy Egret sitting down at Ft. Fisher.

The first of many sunset pictures.  This was taken down at the basin at Ft. Fisher looking toward Zeke Island and the rock wall.

Taken at the same place as above when the sun had pretty much left.

 This and the rest were all taken by the museum at Ft. Fisher looking through the Live Oaks which are so beautiful down there.  I have had many comments that it looks like the African plain which it does in pictures!

My very favorite of all the pictures because of the great variety of color.  Love the juxtaposition of the blues with all the fiery oranges and yellows.