Tuesday, April 2, 2024

A New Computer and Miscellaneous Baby Quilts

Quite a learning curve with my new computer which has a very sensitive mouse pad so I am forever closing down everything!  I also no longer have Picasa which is how I editted my pictures and the one that comes with Google now doesn't do all the things that I used to be able to do.  I had to buy an SD card holder as well so I could transfer pics from my camera to the computer.  This and the next one are two of four baby quilts utilizing this super easy pattern.  The other two just require binding.  I have two more that need some more machine quiting and are different patterns using up some of my random four patches.

This was inspired by quilts seen on Scrap Quilt Enthusiasts on Facebook.  The original one was by a woman named Duckworth so people have taken to calling this a Duckworth quilt.  It is basically a wonky log cabin using scraps of all sizes but pretty much sticking with a consistent color although all different variations.  I show 49 blocks here but I have finished over 100 now.  The blocks are each 6 1/2 in square unfinished.  It took me a while to find a rhythm and a way to do multiple blocks efficiently so that no two are alike..  I will keep going to use up the scraps but just found I have multiple bags of blue scraps that are a little wider.  I packed up my 2 in brown scraps and will make a brown one when I return north.  I have two boxes filled with squares and "kits" to make several tops this summer.

I had all my hand dyed solids spread out sin several large boxes and got sick of looking for what I wanted and so utilized the bookcase in our guest room to store them (husband hasn't notived yet!).  I also wanted to determine what colors I was short on as I haven't done any dyeing this winter as husband took over my garage work table for his tools!  I do need greens and oranges as you can see! 

I am heading north soon so may be short on posts again for awhile.  

Friday, March 8, 2024

Definitions and a Short Guide to What Works Best for Kaleidoscopic Quilt Blocks

 Stack and Whack

This is a technique first introduced by Bethany Reynolds probably 25 years ago more or less.  It is a short-cut method of creating kaleidoscopic blocks by cutting and stacking fabrics after you have determined what the repeat is by looking along the selvedge of the fabric. The key to a successful quilt block is choosing fabrics that match the variation of the technique that you are using and whether you want to make a bold statement or something more subtle and calming.   Overall, the best fabrics have a repeat that is between 12 and 36 inches with a design that quite varied but with significant areas of color.  The smaller the print, the smaller you will want to cut your squares or triangles to get the best effect.  I generally cut my strips between 2 1/2 inches to 4 1/2 inches.  I let the length of the repeat and the size of the elements be my guide.  For instance, with a 12 inch repeat I would probably cut strips 2 3/4 for a smaller print (4 strips which would use 11 inches of the repeat).  I do this as I want to make sure I get full strips and sometimes my ripped edges are a litle uneven.  For a 24 inch repeat,  I might make the strips 4 1/2 inches uilizing 22 1/2 in of the repeat.  I would use a larger width strips when constructing hexagons or octagons as you lose width with he points.  I very rarely use large strips for the 4 patch variation.

One of my very early stack and whack quilts.  Tdhis uses 60 degree diamonds.

Another very early quilt and also  60 degree triangles.

I think this was my very first stack and whack using the technique from Bethany's book and using half square triangles.

One Block Wonder

This is a sub-category of the above where you only use the original fabric wihout adding any corners or sashing.  The most popular form,of this is using hexagons (6 - 60 degree triangles).  and arranging them in a pleasant design using the predominant colors in the block to guide you.  I have seen 4 patch variations. A newer version of this quilt uses panel fabric (you need 7 repeats) where you reserve one repeat for the middle of the quilt.  I think that the most successful ones of this type have used a fabric that has significant areas of different colors and maybe a  large print with quite a bit of background or large areas of color variations. 


This would be a good fabric for just about any variation but I chose to do a One Block Wonder,

This was one iteration of trying out a setting.

This is an example of a one block wonder using a panel.  I got this fabric on the sale rack at Walmarts and it was only $1.99/yd.  I have found some of the best fabrics for these kaleidoscopic quilts are found in the sale racks  I am especially drawn to flower prints myself. 

Posie Block

This is also a more recent version of the stack and whack and uses 4 squares to complete the blocks.  It is he simplest to construct and the most versatile as you can arrange the squares in four different configurations finding the one that is most pleasing to your eye.

A fairly recent posie quilt.  These were the leftovers from a larger quilt.  I also make potholders with blocks that don't make it into a quilt.

The picture below is the original quilt.  You might notice this is a little different.  I didn't have enough for 6 repeats so I did 3 repeats and combined them in blocks.  Looks a lot different than this one!

This shows the versatility of the 4 patch posie.  The "sister" blocks are sitting next to each other and look quite different!

I wish I had more pictures of the beginning fabric to show with these examples.  

Here is a piece of fabric for the above posie blocks.

Wednesday, March 6, 2024

An Old Time Favorite - Stack and Whack!!

Another baby quilt of truly leftover fabrics.  It's not too bad!  I am trying to use up random baggies of 4 patches and 2 1/2 squares that were just sitting there as I always overachieve when cutting pieces for a quilt.  Needs borders, quilting and binding.

The last of this patterned baby quilts for awhile!!  I picked up a bunch of random baby prints from quilt club and used them all!

I was scheduled to show some ladies how to do "stack and whacks" and found a lovely piece of flowered fabric to play with for myself.  It was enough for 8 repeats so I made an 8 piece stack and whack with half and used the second half to made 4-patch posies  I should have made the strips larger for the 8 piece ones as they will only finish to about 4 inches each and you lose a lot of the pretty flowers.  These are 58 of the 60 I made.  Now to figure out a setting for one or two quilts.

This is a closeup givig you a better idea of what they look like.

This is a lot of the 4 patch ones but I have more to add
This is a closeup of several of the blocks.  I do like these better.  They were cut from the same size strips as the 8 sided ones!


Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Some More Baby Quilts!

Judy came into our Handmade with Love group (another charity group I  belong to) with this very simple pattern consisting of a 6 1/2 inch block made with two different orientations.

This and the following are the two orientations. The white squares are 2 1/2 x 2 1/2, the middle rectangles are 6 1/2 x 2 1/2 and the smaller rectangles are 4 1/2 x 2 1/2.

This is a closeup of how they are placed and how I chose to quilt the following quilt as well as the oe above.  Doing an overall quiling seemed to be the best choice with this quilt.

The finished quilt is 40 x 58.

This is the last quilt to use the striped pieces that run down the center of each block.  It is a QAYG.

This was a change of pace!  I picked up the wild fabric for the squares from a "free" table at Guild this week  I had been assembling the 4 patches out of some random leftover fabric.  I was looking them this afternoon, spotted the free fabric and thought I should just put them together -- all done in the space of 2 hours!  Just have to decide on he border fabric, baste it and get it quilted!


Saturday, February 24, 2024

QBTS February Meeting


We presented two Quils of Valor at this meeting.  This was one of he veterans and he was obviously touched.

This one was presented to a 99 year old woman who was a Navy nurse in WWII.  It was very touching and I was glad I had made a top for his cause (in my last blog).

This was made for Habitat for Humanity, another group we support with quilts.

There were lots of beautiful quilts at the meeting.

This was a temperature quilt!

She made this doll in a class.

Neo-natal quilt for the unit at the hospital.

For a cat lover!

Loved this one!

This was made as a homage to a trip recently to Paris as illustrated in the center panel.

This was a Bonnie Hunter pattern which she tweaked to make it her ow.
Loved this fairly simple pattern but then I like any kind of scrap quilt obviously!!

For Valentine's Day!

Another gorgeous scrap quilt.

Monday, February 5, 2024

Truely Miscellaneous Today!

I was inspired to make a Quilt of Valor quilt by our speaker and so picked up a couple of fat quarters of patriotic fabric as I have none.  I found a pattern on Facebook that I liked and that I thought would be appropriate.  This is the finished top.  I am going to let someone else do the quilting as it is pretty big and I wasn't comfortable with doing it.

This is what the individual blocks looked like.

The back of yet another Quilt as You Go.

This is the front.  I added the green as the gold and brown started looking like Brownie uniform to me!!

This is a block I did for a friend who had sent me a envelope of scraps from a bridal quilt she has made for her son and daughter-in-law to be.  We have been email friends for close to 25 years along with two other ladies.  We have met up a number of times over the years despite geography!  I really wanted to have four stack and whack blocks but only had enough repeats for two.  I only had tiny scraps left when I was done!  I have held off posting it as I didn't want her to see i before she got it!

The last of the baby quilts made from those long ago striped fabric that I had made.  I don't have enough left for any more.  I tried to use lighter fabrics both on the front and the back.

All done except for the binding which is done now.  I only had 1/2 inch of the blue fabric left!

Had a nice visit with my daughter and was surprised to see a bunch of Cedar Waxwings in one of her trees.  At the time, I only saw 2 but when I looked at the camera pictures, there were obviously six or seven!

Her neighborhood Great Blue Heron payed us a visit as well.

A Great Egret also visited but was chased away by the heron who had claimed the territory!