Sunday, July 15, 2018

The Butterfly Stack and Whack

I continued to make a lot of hexagons from the butterfly fabric.  I really didn't think they would be interesting when I was deciding which configuration to make from each set.  I do this ahead of time so that I don't have to hesitate when sewing.  I was very surprised when I got them together!!  Looking at the fabric, they should have been good but my intermediate step didn't yield anything interesting.

Here all 54 are completed and I decided tht I would make two tops with 27 blocks in each. I then calculated what width to put between the blocks so that it would be a reasonable width to complement the length of 64 inches.  It ended up being 45 inches wide

First top is now done.  I don't think I have enough of the green for the second one so will have to do something different for the second.  I am almost out of the yellow as well.

I did have the second cataract surgery last week and it went 1000% better than the first one.  My eye was clear the next morning and I can see out of my glasses pretty clearly on that side (not perfect but close). My first eye is still not as good as this one but hopefully will improve with new glasses.  My fears that I wouldn't be able to sew or read were for naught!  Now I know that a Kindle Paperwhite is indeed white and not pale yellow!  

Decided to just add the second one to the post.  I used a dark blue just slightly narrower between the rows.  That is the end of the butterfly fabric.  

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

End of the Veggies -- Last Call

This ended up being 73 x 73 inches which is a good bed size.  I will have to do some interesting quilting in the large whitish areas around the outside.  I managed to piece what little bit of the vegetable fabric I had left into borders.  

.This is the last of the veggie stack and whack fabric with one small octagon left over so pretty good for using everything.  It will be about 44 x 52 when finished and I already found some backing for it.  Got to get down to business and cut some batting and backings for all these tops and get busy basting.

The inside is finished.  Now to just decide on borders.

Found a green/yellow tatik that seemed to be just fine for that outside border.

This is the fabric for the next in the series.  It is butterflies and the repeat was about 12 inches so I did 3 1/2 inch triangles which I will make into hexagonal blocks.

Got a start on this one yesterday afternoon.  I am having surgery on my other eye tomorrow so who knows how much sewing I will be doing with two eyes out of commission.  My already done eye can see pretty well closeup with my glasses but still  little fuzzy in the mornings.  I know my crosswords will have to wait awhile to get done after this next surgery which will hopefully go better than the first one!!    If I put the computer screen about six inches from that eye, I can read it!!  

Friday, July 6, 2018

A New Version for the Veggies

I took the other half of the veggie fabric (when doing stack and whacks, you usually rip the fabric down the middle so you are only dealing with the 22 inch width  The first half was cut into 3 1/4 inch triangles and these are 5 inch triangles.  They are a little more imposing.  I was looking at these first blocks and saw those big spaces between them and thought hmmmm....

I had 33 of the smaller octagons left over and decided it would be interesting to intersperse them with the big ones.  I did like the look  the smaller ones work into 6 inch squares and the larger ones work into 9 inch squares so I added 2 inch strips around the 6 inch squares.

I also decided to use most of the larger squares and make a big quilt that I would keep.  I figure I could add borders to make it big enough for a queen or king sized bed -- the only kind I have anymore.

I sewed them altogether and it measures about 60 inches by 60 inches currently.  I am going to add an additional off white border (same fabric) and then two more borders so that it will be about 72 x 72 when done.  Not enough to drape over a king bed but will cover it.

Not done yet but will have about 2 additional inches of the white, one inch of the red/orange and 3 inches of the veggie fabric.  Onward to tomorrow to cut and sew!

I had two large octagons and 16 small octagons left over so they will be a small quilt and then there will be one small block left over!  This will be a giveaway one.  My daughter has already claimed the one with the orange and green cornerstones I posted in the last blog!

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Still More but Slowing Down...

I eventually will  learn what key I hit that causes everything to disappear that I spent 15 minutes typing.
This is the beginning of a vegetable stack and whack.  I have had this fabric for years and made a quilt out of it probably 20 years ago -- the only quilt I have ever sold!!  I decided it was time to use the rest of the fabric which was enough to make these smaller 8 sided kaleidoscopes -- 51 in all and also to make larger 5 inch triangles which resulted in 27 motifs.  I wanted to do a different setting for these 6 inch (5 1/2 inch finished) blocks so decided to set them on point and 18 would make a nice sized quilt top.

This is the fabric which has a 16 inch repeat.  The above motifs used a 3 1/4 inch triangle.

Here I am testing my idea for filling in the sides and the sashing between the blocks.  I initially decided to use orange for all the cornerstones, figuring red would make it look  like a Christmas quilt.

I decided that all orange was too much so alternated it with the green for the cornerstones.

Almost done!

I finally finished this quilt top and kind of like it.  It is about 45 x 57 inches.  I have decided not to add any more borders and will probably use a dark green for binding.  I don't have enough of either the orange or green.

I decided to take a break from the kaleidoscope quilts and work on our club's mystery quilt.  The first month's clue was the cutting directions.  The second month resulted in "flying geese" using the shortcut technique.  The July clue resulted in these "square in a square".  You can see that I decided to go scrappy (what a surprise!!).  I originally had orange instead of the off white but was afraid that somehow it would end up too bright as I didn't know what the proportion of the colors would be and yellow and orange go a LONG way!.  It will be interesting to see what everyone does.  I still have to press and trim up the square in a square but will be good until August!

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Ho Hum -- Working on Tops 21 and 22

Finished the first of the strip setting stack and whacks and went on to number 2!  The separation into the dark edges vs. light edges was not as clear in this bunch and I had to find another green but had lots of the yellow.

Arranging and also trying out the new green.  It works.

Two strips done and testing out some fuchsia between the strips.  I always have to do something different!!

All the stack and whack strips are done.

All the intermediate strips have been cut and await the final stitching.

I took a day off to help hubby pick our sour cherries and then proceeded to pit the half peck we got and make a couple of pies and then froze the rest.  

Today I had  yet another appointment as a follow-up from my first cataract surgery and found out I have some scar tissue and so have a laser procedure next week but in the office and I will be able to drive. He says that will improve my vision which is better by far but not great yet.  My focus gets better as the day proceeds.  He tells me that my progress is usual (maybe because I had glaucoma surgery at the same time as the cataracts). After the laser procedure, I should be able to get some temporary glasses prior to my second surgery.

Finally finished!  I do like the fuchsia strips between the blocks and the green was a good choice I think.

As I liked how these turned out, I took the other half of the fabric and created  hexagons for an additional 48 blocks.  I may actually replicate this top with the new blocks as I do like it.

I finally found my little point and shoot camera after losing it about two years ago!!  It was right next to my chair  underneath something which tells you a bit about the pile next to my chair!!  Never occurred to me it would be there!!  It will be my sewing room camera from now on as it is more compact and easy to use.

Friday, June 22, 2018

Still More but a Different Configuration

I had a large piece of the fabric I cut up for this but only stacked half of it as I wasn't sure how it would work up as there was a lot of very large shapes and a relatively small hexagon (4 1/4 inches).  Some blocks ended up pretty green and some had no green at all.  After they were all sewn together (but not before), I decided they were okay!

There were 48 blocks made from half the fabric.  I decided to use a set that used 24 blocks.  Because of the wide variation in the blocks, I divided them into those that were light on the outside and those that were dark on the outside figuring I would do a configuration that involved more than one background!

I loved this fabric.  The repeat was 24 1/2 inches.

Wanted to see how it looked.  I really liked it!  I really thought when I had the hexagons cut that this wasn't going to work.

I decided on dark green for the lighter ones and yellow for the darker ones.  At first I thought green on the inside and yellow on the outside.

This is the alternate configuration with  yellow in the middle.  I am going to add 4 inch strips to the bottom and top of each strip.  I haven't yet decided on the width of the strips between the blocks or whether I will add some more strips.  I want it to end up between 40 and 45 inches wide.I have enough for a second top and of course I will do different colors in the background.  I get bored too easily to make two tops alike!  The challenge is to find new settings that will use up all the blocks and end up with quilts of a reasonable size.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

More of the Same Only Different of Course!

Well, finished this last one.  The fabric in the border  is the one used to make the blocks which are octagons.  It is a very dark purple in the background.

This is the last top I finished before the first half of my cataract surgery.  It is Day 5 and I am still blurry when I wake up in the morning but better by the end of the day. Old age is not for sissies!!  Going to get some temp glasses next week but can finally do some sewing again.

I had some blocks left from the mushroom fabric.  I had already made two quilt tops from it but still had 27 blocks left so decided to do this configuration, a version of which I saw on Pinterest.  I like that the blocks stand out more and it is fast.  After making this one with 15 blocks, I still had 12 blocks left which I wanted to use.

Decided that I would put spacers between the blocks.  Quite  amount of math in all these quilts.  I am trying to keep the width to low 40 inches and the length to somewhere between 50 and 60 inches so I am always measuring the blocks which are all different sizes and calculating border widths or spacers.  I am also keeping a journal with the sizes of all these tops so I can maximize the use of the batting and backing fabrics.

This is the finished top which is the same size as the one above.  It is  only about 44 inches long and about 40 inches wide.