Wednesday, November 22, 2017

QBTS November Meeting with Donna Bergman

It was a great meeting featuring a trunk show by a very talented member of the guild -- Donna Bergman.  She shared many quilts and different techniques with us.  I wish I could have taken her class but didn't know about when my visitor would be here.  They made bowls featuring scenes in each one and they were spectacular.

This and the next quilt were collages which used the quilt as you go technique.

This is made up of pieces made from patterns as well as class pieces.

The next group is scenic inspired by pictures.  I tried to indicate the size somewhat by how big they are in my blog.  Many were quite small studies.

Loved this one!!

This used a VERY interesting technique I haven't seen before.  The sky is "tiled".  Small pieces were cut and collaged on top of another piece leaving a little space between each "tile".  Very very interesting!!

Nice use of pieced blocks in the sky and of course love the birds.

These were small studies.

Nice depth.

These next two were very nice abstracts.

This one was begun in a Jane Sassaman class and includes pieces of Hawaiian applique that was never completed!!

A very nice small color study using analogous colors and good use of different values.

This is an abstract interpretation of a picture of buoys.  I didn't include all of her pieces but most of them.  I of course love to representational work so it was a pleasure to see what someone else is doing.  I have tried to be more abstract but my work always seems to become representational when I am doing free form studies.  Cynthia Corbin was very influential as she told me to just stick with that if that is what I liked doing!  I stopped obsessing on trying to get things to be more abstract.

 As mentioned in my last post, the guild had a postcard challenge this month and we each had to do two postcards with a winter theme.  These are the winners of the challenge.  The three on the left were tied for third place, then Becky with second place and Mary with first.  Below are closeups of the winners.  My non-winning contribution was in yesterday's blog!!

These are just some of the neo-natal quilts that were turned in this month.  For a guild this size, they do an astounding number of quilts supporting the hospital, veterans and Habitat for Humanity.

This was a patriotic sampler quilt done by Anne Millard.

There were quite a few other quilts but as usual, I was not in a position to get good pictures. As usual, I don't have names to go with the quits as I have enough trouble trying to get pics before the ladies bundle them up to take home!

 I arrived later than usual as I had to drive my daughter home after her car was wrecked in about the busiest intersection in Wilmington.  She is okay, the car not so much as a totally distracted driver crossed several lanes of traffic and smashed into the front of her car -- luckily the very front or she would have been hurt.  She is just sore now and the other driver has 100% liability as well as a ticket for her effort so she has a rental and the car is in a collision shop!
Of course I love this scrappy quilt!!

Friday, November 17, 2017

Miscellaneous Projects

 A few Monarchs are still hanging around but the flowers from this bush are gone.  Most have moved further south.
I took  spin around Greenfield Lake a couple of weeks ago.  I haven't done any posts the last couple of weeks as I had a guest from out of town and the weather was just awful so I wouldn't have been able to take any pictures and I certainly couldn't work on any projects.

 This is a rather ragged Long Tailed Skipper. Notice the pretty blue though.  

I had a lot of ice dyed fabric from when I was just folding and getting repeating patterns rather than the mandalas that I have been doing recently.  There were  a few that I wasn't crazy about so thought I would make them into totes so that I could have the same pattern on both sides.  I am pleased with how this very basic tote turned out and may do some enhancements on the others.

We have a challenge in our quilt club to do two post cards with a seasonal theme.  Even though I am in the land of palm trees, I like the look of snow other places!!  These are my contributions and hopefully no one from the club will see these before Monday night!  Each postcard is 4 inches x 6 inches and I have the small quilts fused onto Timtex.  I swear they took me as long to make as some quilts!!  There is some sewing and a lot of fusing and then quilting.

The middle tree here has "lights" on it but hard to see here.  Also some snowflakes are free motion quilted on both of the postcards.

This block seemed to be a good candidate for cutting up as it was not as symmetrical as I would like.

Next after cutting apart, I will need to decide what to put between the sections as well as what the background will be.

After several attempts, I found this blue which I will use as the background triangles I think.  Howevere, I won't use it between the blocks and am now in the process of deciding what to do with each individual section.  

I have to make some Christmas presents during the next month as well -- blouses for my daughter (she doesn't ever look at my blog so I am safe!!).  Biggest problem is that I left the pattern that I made for her back in NY!  I will have to borrow a blouse again and redraft the pattern so she will know however, she won't know what fabric I have found!!