Friday, April 27, 2018

Stack and Whack Update

 These are the first few blocks of stack and whack 3!  These are only about 5 inches across.  The triangles were cut from 3 1/2 inch strips.

A lot more done here! 

Also at the same time, I was fiddling with the blocks from stack and whack 2 adding in stars which will have stars inset in the middle.  This was the first variation.
Here was another variation 

All the purple blocks are done and I have to decide what kind of configurations I will make.  The goal is to use sets that use up all the blocks which is always a challenge.  There may be some stars in this as well.  There will probably be two quilts from this.

This is the fabric for the purple stack and whacks.

I finished all the blocks from the second stack and whack and really like some of these individually.  Not sure I will be able to give this one away. This is most of them but not all.

This is the fabric for the above stack and whack.  This  made a great stack and whack.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

QBTS April Meeting and the Runner Challenge

 Our Guild challenge for April was to do a table runner of any size that used some sort of gradation of fabrics.  It was open after that.  The following are all the entries.  At the bottom I will show the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners.  I didn't enter this challenge as I had too much going on!

This is the one that got my vote!

And the winners are!!

This is the first place winner followed by the second and third place winners! 

 There was an incredible number of neonatal quilts turned in this month and I could only get pictures of a few.  This isn't even counting the tops that were turned in (I turned in two).

 Of course there were lots of show and tells as well.  I showed my black and white quilt tops!  Below are some of the others.

 Of course there were many show and tell quilts and I show a few of them below.  

This is one of Becky's that includes all sorts of techniques and includes some of her shibori indigo fabrics and is all hand done.

This was a very nice quilt that will be donated to Quilts of Valor.

I apologize again for not attaching names to the show and tell quilts!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Day of Sharing - Jacksonville

This was the second Day of Sharing that I have attended and it was as much fun as the first.  The speaker this time was a quilt appraiser/hand quilter named Steve Albright.  He showed a variety of quilts, many of which he had purchased as tops and then hand quilted.  His wife does the repairs on the quilts and any machine work and he does all the quilting  This is an iconic 30s quilt called Colonial Ladies  His talk was on quilts from the 30s and he shared many examples.

Below are a number of the quilts

This was one of my favorites of the quilts he showed.

There was as usual a lot of nice Show and Tells.  I loved this very simple  design and will save to my scrap Pinterest board.  The following are a lot of more quilts from show and tell.  

Loved this row by row! 

Stunning top!

 This and the next one were by our prolific quilter Betty VanSickle!

 One of my favorite color combinations.

 A beautiful pineapple.

This and the next picture were done by our own Becky Bucci.

Nice to see a wearable as well!!

This was the home guild's raffle quilt. Still haven't figured out how it goes together!  I really liked it!

I showed my hand quilted wholecloth quilt and it got quite a bit of attention.  The surprising thing was that one of the other guilds had its twin as their raffle quilt!!

And on the way home, we stopped to see some animals and I made friends with the emus.  First he came up to see me and then his four friends joined in!