Thursday, January 18, 2024

Quilters by the Sea January Meeting - Part 2

Our members have obviously been very busy this last month as there were a lot of quilts for show and tell!  

This was made as part of an exchange. As usual, I don't have the names of the people who made them but have tried to at least put their picture with the quilt!

Loved these birds!

This quilt and the next  one were done as a result of a class taught by one of our own!

Made for a recently adopted dog!

This quilt and the next one were Neonatal quits.  They didn't display the rest of them but there was a pretty good pile!  I had my two in that pile.

This was made for Christmas!

Really loved the colors in this one!

I took this and the next picture off Facebook as I was in  line and couldn't get their pictures.  This was done for Habitat for Humanity and was just beautiful!

I always love kitty quilts!

Wednesday, January 17, 2024

Quilters by the Sea January Meeting - Part 1

Our speaker this month was Katherine Carter who lives here in Wilmington.  She is a super high energy person who primarily makes memory quilts for other people.  Her Facebook page is  She obviously gets lots of customers as she is booked out a year in advance and makes about 100 quilts a year!!  Her business is called Kat's Out of the Bag!

This is just one of the quilts she has made.

This is another one!

A really fun part of the meeting was the showing of many of the Cape Fear River challenge quilts submitted by members.  The following are about half of them and you may remember my one of the sunset at Ft. Fisher which I posted before.  These were just stunning quilts and am constantly amazed that our relatively small guild has so many talented and creative art quilters!


Sunday, January 7, 2024

Farmer's Wife Quilts Almost Done!!

This is th e quilt from the Farmer's Wife 30s book.I felt like I have been machine quilting forever but it appears to be done with both quilts!  If I had the patience, I would have done some quilting in all those white spaces but didn't!  I like the colors in this one better than the purple one even though I don't usually enjoy working on my blue quilts even though it is one of my favorite colors!

I only have to put borders and binding on the purple one and  binding on this one as I am not doing borders.  This one has 90 blocks and is smaller than the other one so I could actually get a halfway decent picture of it on my design walls.  It is about 80 x 72.  

I have updated this piost to incude the almost finished purple quilt which now has borders on it.  I have the binding (just a darker shade of purple) ready to attach and then I  will handsew down!