Thursday, June 2, 2016

June RAFA Meeting -- Last Post Before Yellowstone Trip!!

It was my first time back to RAFA in months!!  Lots of "show and tell".  This was a photo that Frances D had blown up and put on fabric by Julie Brandon and Red Dog Enterprises.  Loved the texture.  She had several other pieces with manipulated pictures as well.  It is so much fun.  May  have to do another day at Julie's this summer!!

This was also a manipulated picture.  The picture was repeated four times, reversing it.  When done, it reminded Mary of a steampunk corset so she added arms with tattoos!!  The judges didn't quite get it!

Kathy did this ode to the Rolling Stones.  She likes all things Rolling Stones!!

Several of the ladies took a felting course and created this very interesting vessels -- baskets inside baskets.

This was a stunning quilt done by one of our art quilt members.  Usually her work is not so traditional and this was beautiful with the quilting done by Val Schultz.

This is only part of a beautiful graduation quilt done by one of our newer members.

Anne decided she wanted to do a more traditional quilt with home spun cottons.  She didn't like working with them as I am sure I wouldn't either.  It was her own design with a bear paw theme.

Donna has done quite a bit of indigo dyeing and this is the front of one of her bog coats.  The back is below.

Sarah did this stunning beaded piece.  Pictures don't do it justice.

These next two pieces were tapestries done by one of our members and her husband.  They took a special tour which included a class with a master weaver in Lima Peru.  They were amazing in person!

I am heading out tomorrow at the crack of dawn for a cross-country adventure.  I am first flying to Florida, then heading to Pennsacola, Louisiana, Texas and then my sister's house in Colorado Springs.  Then onto Estes Park, the Grand Tetons, Yellowstone, Montana, Mt. Rushmore and then back down through Nebraska and stopping in Missouri at my friend's brother's house and then onto St. Louis for some more tours and then heading back to Florida stopping to see another old friend along the way.  We are planning on about three weeks for this adventure but have some room in there for extensions before I head back to NY on June 28.  If my little netbook holds up, I should be posting some updates along the way with hopefully lots and lots of pictures (three cameras plus my phone!!).