Monday, April 29, 2024

Back in New York, Unpacked and Trying To Get Some Tops Finished!


I cut up a bunch of fabric when I was down South for stack and whack blocks which I would put together up here.  One of our quilt club members is collecting 24 x 36 inch sized quilts for the Neonatal unit at the local hospital so I figured I had enough leftover batting to make a few.  

I had a ton of these blocks.  I have over 50 more blocks to finish so may make those into a bigger quilt top which I will take back with me.  The guild in the South provides backing which the one  up here does not and I spent enough on the fabric to not want to spend a lot more on batting!  I think this one is prettier in person than in the photo.  I don't have the photo editting software on this computer that i had on my old computer.

I somehow managed to turn this image but you can see it.  Another stack and whack posie set of blocks.  Only had a couple of left after making this one,.

This and the next quilt were made from blocks like the ones in the previous blog.  I still have a couple of bags of strips to make more!

I have a whole box full of 5 in squares which means there will be some quilts utilizing those before too long!!

Tuesday, April 2, 2024

A New Computer and Miscellaneous Baby Quilts

Quite a learning curve with my new computer which has a very sensitive mouse pad so I am forever closing down everything!  I also no longer have Picasa which is how I editted my pictures and the one that comes with Google now doesn't do all the things that I used to be able to do.  I had to buy an SD card holder as well so I could transfer pics from my camera to the computer.  This and the next one are two of four baby quilts utilizing this super easy pattern.  The other two just require binding.  I have two more that need some more machine quiting and are different patterns using up some of my random four patches.

This was inspired by quilts seen on Scrap Quilt Enthusiasts on Facebook.  The original one was by a woman named Duckworth so people have taken to calling this a Duckworth quilt.  It is basically a wonky log cabin using scraps of all sizes but pretty much sticking with a consistent color although all different variations.  I show 49 blocks here but I have finished over 100 now.  The blocks are each 6 1/2 in square unfinished.  It took me a while to find a rhythm and a way to do multiple blocks efficiently so that no two are alike..  I will keep going to use up the scraps but just found I have multiple bags of blue scraps that are a little wider.  I packed up my 2 in brown scraps and will make a brown one when I return north.  I have two boxes filled with squares and "kits" to make several tops this summer.

I had all my hand dyed solids spread out sin several large boxes and got sick of looking for what I wanted and so utilized the bookcase in our guest room to store them (husband hasn't notived yet!).  I also wanted to determine what colors I was short on as I haven't done any dyeing this winter as husband took over my garage work table for his tools!  I do need greens and oranges as you can see! 

I am heading north soon so may be short on posts again for awhile.