Friday, May 27, 2022

Last Day of Quilt Show Pictures (I Think)!

This absolutely incredible, stunning quilt called The Matriarchs was done by Jean McCready.  Reminded me so much of my lions!  It was a very large quilt.

This was done by Karen Sienk, who I believed I have taken a class with at some point in my past!

This was also a very large quilt done by Leann Hileman.

This beauty was also done by Leann Hileman.  Just WOW!!
Unfortunately I don't know who did this wonderful Pelican.  I have seen this pose by pelicans many many times at the beach!

Another one by Jean McCready!

Another one by Antonia Herring.
This was one of my entries into the quilt show -- Great Egret. 

This quilt and the next one were supposed to be in the show but I didn't know their measurements (they are quite large), so I didn't enter them this year.  Maybe next time although by then they will be hanging on my wall at the beach hopefully.

These were both made using the stack and whack technique with panels.

My sister gifted me the fabric to make this quilt and told me about using panels instead of straight repeats for stack and whacks.  I have since made several quilts  using this technique.

It will probably be a few days before i get back to some quilting as I am trying to gather "stuff" to sell at quilt club including a lot of hand dyes and books.  I have already gathered up a mountain of things to donate to Afghani refugee women here in Rochester and so have several empty plastic sets of drawers.  You can almost see my sewing room floor and sewing table again!  Next on the agenda is more pot holders for my youngest daughter!


Thursday, May 26, 2022

Another Day of Quilts from Quiltfest -- Art Quilts Pt. 1

Loved this use of black and white with just a teense of color by Anne Garretson.

Loved this whimsical abstract from Jill Doscher, who also did the next quilt.


This wall hanging was by my friend Bev Kondolf, who was giving a lecture at the show!  I bet those are her hand dyes...

This was done by fellow RAFA member Beth Kelly!

This was done by Mary Jane Frind.

This was done by Sue Donovan, who is also a RAFA member.

This was done by Barbara Behrmann.
Another gorgeous abstract from Barbara Behrmann.

Unfortunately, I couldn't read the name for this piece.

Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Another Day of Quilt Pictures!

This beautiful quilt is by Janis Harper.


This wedding quilt was by Cynthia Richards.

Alas, I don't have the maker for this quilt.

This quilt is by Sue Donovan.  This is a really good project for my 2 1/2 strips, of which I have bags and bags!

I am missing the creator's  name for this whimsical quilt!

This beautiful quilt is by Ellen Burlew.

Another stunner for which I have no name!

I liked this extra scrappy quilt by Judy Harbison and saved it for future reference.

This is a closeup from the following quilt by Qurrat Thakur.  It looks like a hand dyed mandala to me.  I liked the clever use of the applique on top of it and may have to do that myself!

This is by Amy Lippitt, both beautiful mandalas and lovely quilting!

This stunning applique is by Caris Burton.

This is by Marilyn Akerson Corbett.

I don't know whose quilt this is but it was one of those simply WOW quilts that people were stopping to gasp at!!  Absolutely gorgeous!

This one is by Kathy Mitchell McNeil and another stunner.


Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Day 2 of Quilts from 2022 Quiltfest


This was a magnificent quilt but again I couldn't get the name of the quilter.

Another one that I couldn't read the name...

This one was by Karen Stone who was one of the teachers at the show.

This one was by Katie Pasquini Masopust who was another of the teachers.

Again I couldn't read the name but thouht it was Susan C.
I think this as my favoite in the whole sho althouh I didn't vote at all as there were so many gorgeous quilts.  I wish I knew the name of the quilter but the tag was too small too read and this was a huge quilt with incredible quilting.

Unfortunately, another one that I couldn't the name of the quilter.  This is the closeup shot showing the wonderful quilting.

I loved this scrappy one by Beth Brewer.  It is good inspiration!

This one was by Pamela Birchenough.  Love the colors and the quilting!

This is another one by Pamela Birchenough.  Anyone who has followed my blog knows how much I like hexagons.

This magnificent quilt is by Jean Lemmon.
Another one where I couldn't read the name.  A wonderful interpretation of the NY Beauty block.
I believe this quilt was made by Mary Wieser. 
 Wonderful combination of applique and piecing.

This quilt was by Lynda MacDonald.
I believe these next three were done by Ruth Ohol.  She does unbelievable machine quiltingl 

I want to apologize for all the names I missed as well as any I may have mispelled or labelled wrongly!  I can't get around like I used to when I would take closeups of all the tags on every quilt in the show!!  There were so many I should have taken pictures of that I somehow missed.  There are still a couple more days of quilts to come!