Sunday, September 17, 2023

Last of the Quilt as You Go For a Bit -- 8 Done!

I finally finished the last of the  QAYG quilts before I head back down south.  The next few days are dedicated to straightening up my sewing room a bit and gathering some things to take with me.

This is the back of the quilt shown next utilizing all those 10 in squares I cut up.  I have used 196 altogether in the past few weeks and it did make a very small dent in the pile!!!

This is the front.  I have already donated this one!

This is the back of the next one.

This is the front of my very favorite one.  I had a ton of yardage of blue strips and saw a quilt on Pinterest that used this general layout (although without the sashing).  I still  have quite a bit of yardage of blue strips left but much is paler so we will have to see what I do with that.

This is an example of the block.  A 3 1/2 in strip of the blue stripe with 1/2 inch (finished) black around it and very,  very random scraps.  My only criteria was that the strip had to be long enough and a different color.

This one was going to charity but a member of my quilt group asked if I sold any of my quilts so I gave her this one!  It used a bunch of my 5 in squares.