Friday, December 24, 2021

Happy Holidays and Some Charity Quilts

I have been busy finishing off some baby quilts and binding a slew of larger quilts for our Sweet Charity group.  This and the next quilt are from a pattern from our Guild neonatal group.  It was not tricky to make but I did change the instructions a bit to make it easier (and it didn't require any more fabric just a redistribution of the strips).  The hardest part was putting it on the design wall and getting the blocks in the right order.  There are two different blocks in this quilt -- one with white in the corner and one with black in the corner.  I don't know how you could even get it right without a design wall!

The next two are from the pattern that a fellow Guild member had posted.  This onne is also a bit tricky in the cutting and really works well to have a design wall also!  It is a "disappearing rail fence".

This one is a little more planned as I used green consistently in the middle and blue as the "dark".  Still haven't decided whether I like the slightly more planned or the more random placing of the colored pieces.

This is a very large pile of larger quilts that are donated to a variety of places.  I only made a couple of the tops and my friend Dianne did all the machine quilting.  I then did the binding on all of them -- 12 by machine and 4 by hand.  I have gotten really good at machine binding but still like to sit and do the binding by hand in the evenings.  I only have one more to do the hand binding on and I will be done for now -- time to clean up my sewing room a bit -- a chore I do whenever I finish a bunch of projects.  This includes cutting random batting pieces into  narrow strips (for rugs or purses) and cutting leftover pieces of backs into strips and squares.

Happy Holidays to all my friends and followers!!!


Thursday, December 2, 2021

DJ Quilt Almost Finished and a Few Birds for Your Viewing Pleasure!

Well, birds first!  This is a Clapper Rail which is an  infrequent visitor and very shy.  He hid out awhile and then came back out.

This is an Eastern Phoebe, a frequent visitor to my daughter's back yard fence.
This is a Forster's Tern and there were a lot of them visiting down at Ft. Fisher.

This is a Kildeer which is a frequent visitor down here!

Another shot of the Clapper Rail.

This was  my second audition.  The first which is what I thought I would use was inserting a white piece before this darker piece but I just didn't like the look

Auditioning borders and this was the final decision.

It's all together except for the binding which I am in  the process of sewing down now.  I am very happy with sewing it in quarters despite the fact that this was a very difficult quilt to do this with because of stitching close to the edge.  I made a few mistakes and it is a little wonky in places but overall the picture doesn't do it justice!  I used a dark brown batik for the binding and hopefully, I will get it in the mail by the end of this week.  This will be the last picture!