Monday, April 16, 2018

QBTS Sew Day

This beautiful quilt top was what Bobbi F was working on at the next table over from me.  These are all Japanese fabrics that she scored at a thrift shop for a very small sum of money!!  Gorgeous!

Can you believe this beautiful set of appliqued squares by one of our members made in wool?  She is another evacuee from the cold north (Buffalo).  Again, beautiful!

Too bad we didn't have a design wall.  She got some advice from our very gifted Michele May who arranged this lovely day for us.

A lovely neonatal quilt from another x-Rochesterian!!  The back was a really interesting fabric that she purchased at Walmart of all places!

A beautiful art quilt that a member brought to ask for advice on.  Both Becky and I suggested our un-orthodox solution for when you are irritated by a thread color after  you have done the sewing -- Sharpies!  I don't think she needed to change the color of the thread though.

Here is Becky with a quilt she made using scraps given to her by a friend.  The design is of course her own!!

And speaking of Becky, I spent the day making "stack and whack" hexagons out of two fabrics that Becky had donated for the Sweet Charity quilts.  This was one set that I only partially finished.  I also did 48 from another fabric.  I have to say that using fabric that has been washed really helped in the stacking and pinning of the fabrics.  I never wash fabrics before using them, but Becky does.  They seemed to grip each other better and made for more perfect hexagons.  These were cut from 5 1/2 inch strips as the repeat on the fabric was 18 inches.  I will share later a picture of the fabric.  After I completed these, I thought I should have used smaller strips but seeing the altogether, they look just fine!

Here are all 30 of the hexagons.  I think they will make a Sweet Charity sized quilt and a neonatal quilt!

I have always disliked this particular yellow printed fabric for some reason but have quite a bit of it and decided it would be okay for this quilt.  I have sewn the rows in this picture.  I will had thin strips of yellow to the right and left and then a small strip of fuchsia and then a medium green border and call it done.  Pictures to follow!

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