Tuesday, April 10, 2018

A Short Review!!

Last year I took a class with Augusta Cole and made this disappearing hexagons quilt.  I cut lots and lots of strips of course and as usual over-achieved. This has happened before....  So I thought I would share in one place the quilts that I have made so far from the leftovers!

This was the first made from those scraps  and nicknamed the "Quilt from Hell".  

I then started on baby quilts and this was the first.  I did add white for the light in this one.

I have finished one of these and am currently working on the second.  The long strips came from  long ago project that produced two king sized quilt with this left over!

This and the next one were also from those same original strips and also cutting some squares.

Pinterest is a great source for finding simple patterns which is where I found the pictures that I translated into these last four quilts.  

There are only a few strips left and I may just sew them together to make "fabric" which I will use somewhere!

I also have about 100 four-patches left over from the "coins" quilt above!!  Haven't decided what to do with them yet!!

Then to start working on baby quilts from the leftovers from making the black and white quilts!!  

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Jocelyn Thurston said...

Envious of your weather-those azaleas-wow. And what a beautiful array of quilts; I loved looking at them so thanks for sharing the photos. Such inspiration!