Sunday, August 26, 2012

Last Day at Marcia's for Awhile

Well all this is is one very small piece of quilting plan for a new Lone Star quilt. We make these small samples to see if the colors are positioned the way we like and to see if we like the overall look. There is only one 45 degree angled piece with a set of mirrors positioned on either side giving the appearance of a full star when all the images repeat and merge together.  I have already changed color placements and plan on changing a couple of more.  It is much easier to change your mind at this point.  Where the black is will be molas of birds (molas are the applique pieces from the Kuna Indians of Panama).  All of these molas have a black background and when I did my original Lone Star as part of the class, I just did a "what if" placing the molas over the "rocket blocks" in the pattern and loved the look and the colors were just right so this will be a slightly larger version with molas where the spikey blocks were before and represented by the black above.

This is Priscilla's spectacular ice dyed piece (she had it in her blog earlier this week).  Currently her plan is to slice it down the middle and rearrange and treat it as a wholecloth quilt.  I think those corner reds look like poppies myself!  We have definitely have had an influence on Priscilla -- first art quilts and now dyeing -- what will be next, a Grandmother's Flower Garden or Baltimore Album?

This is just a small corner of a new piece that Marcia is working on.  The colors are just spectacular and I was ogling the purple as it would be perfect in my above Lone Star.  She reminded me that we did that color together so that undoubtedly I have some in my stash!! (She's most likely right.) She saved the day later as well trouble shooting the problems I was having with my beloved Juki -- it just wouldn't run even after we checked all the electrical outlets and the plugs and foot pedal for the machine.  Duh, you may have guessed but if you didn't, this brain dead senior forgot to turn the machine on -- I will never live that one down!  

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Gail Baker said...

Your lone star is going to be beautiful! Wish I could have joined you, Marcia & Priscilla!