Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Catching Up!!

The weather has been really gorgeous except for a couple of days so most of my time is spent outside either walking or at the beach and therefore not a lot of time for blogs or pictures!!  My camera is never far from my side, however, so here are a couple of sunset pictures taken looking back at the woods which are two blocks behind the house.  All the colors are represented I think!
 Just another of the sunset pictures.  I have to lean way out on the side of the porch to get these.

Just love the colors here.  We called this sky blue pink when I was an 8 year old!

Warren spotted this Cicada on our porch one afternoon.  Loved the texture of his body and the transparent wings.

A not very clear picture of the brightest yellow warbler ever -- I believe it is a Yellow Warbler and he was skittering about on a cloudy day at quite a distance.  I think we may start seeing more migratory birds soon.  There was another wrenlike bird which I couldn't identify as well -- grey and very small.  These were down by Carolina Beach Lake.  It was quite cool there yesterday -- almost had to wear long sleeves!

Last (but certainly not least) is the quilt that I have been working on during the very few rainy days we have had.  I got it completely quilted (in the ditch) around each of the triangles and decided to do no more.  As it was just a little stingy for a king sized bed, I used "quilt as you go" techniques and added a border to all the sides.  I had brought a bolt of white cotton cloth down with me.  You can see I used blue thread to do the feathers in the border and then used white to do some background quilting as the fabric really required more to be done.  I am now in the last stages of sewing the pale blue binding down (and have even slept under it the last two coolish nights).  

I simply couldn 't resist Hancock of Paducah's sale of Kaffe Fassett fabrics (even though their maddening web site doesn't tell you until two days later when a fabric is out).  I did manage to get nine out of the 13 I ordered in the end.  The ones on the left are "decorator" fabrics -- a really nice 54 inch wide heavy sateen. and the ones on the right are quilting fabrics.  Can't wait to do something with these!!  I love the bright Fassett colors and have quite a stash of these at home (almost all bought on sale at one time or another).  These were only $5/yd so couldn't say no!!

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Sandy said...

my grandfather used to say SkyBluePink was his favourite colour! this was Ohio.
Sandy in the UK