Saturday, January 5, 2013

In Search of the Great Horned Owl

I headed down to Carolina Beach Lake again to see if anything new had shown up.  I couldn't help taking a picture of these beautiful female Lesser Scaups as they were quite close and the weather was beautiful.

The nice Tricolor Heron was there again posing for pictures and getting dinner.
I ran into Bruce and another gentleman at the Lake and they were doing the Christmas bird count.  This Turkey Vulture and two friends came to the lake right after he left -- do they deserve to be in the count?

When talking to the birders, I indicated that I hadn't seen any owls except for the Burrowing Owls in Fl.  They told me that there was a day roosting Great Horned Owl in Carolina Beach State Park.  After a couple of wrong paths, I found the path they had described and did hear the owl (where it was supposed to be) but alas I didn't see it and I didn't hear it again to determine exactly what tree he was in.  It was very late in the day. I was, however,  treated to four deer crossing the road in front of me in the Park and one stopped to pose.  I will be back.  I also talked to a woman in the park who indicated there is a special area that has been set up where the Painted Buntings congregate.  They probably aren't there this time of year but I will have to investigate before I leave!  I knew there were these buntings down here but so far haven't seen any but now I know a better spotting place!

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