Monday, February 18, 2013

Yellow Rumped Warbler Invasion and Mola Quilt

Much to my surprise, there were more than a dozen Yellow Rumped Warblers at Carolina Beach Lake today.  They were resting on trees, the buildings and posts.  They move swiftly so it was a little difficult to get good pictures but they are certainly identifiable.  I even got one where you can see the yellow on his rump giving them the name!

Now that I have finished all the machine quilting on the projects I brought down here, it was time to work on one of my planned projects -- the Lone Star quilt utilizing some of the molas I have gotten from Priscilla.  These aren't true molas in that there is no reverse applique but they are lovely hand embroidered pieces that Priscilla buys down on her many trips to the San Blas Islands off the coast of Panama where she buys them directly from the Kuna Indians who make them.  I have far too many and may make a super huge Lone Star at some point to use a bunch of the larger ones.  

These are most of the individual units for this quilt.  I had cut the strips before I left Rochester so that sped things up a bit.  I had to go back to Jan Krentz's directions that she passed out in class to remember  many of her little tricks for putting these quilts together.  I still have to surround each one of the mola appliques with black like the one in the lower left corner.  Additionally in each of the corners there will be an additional paper pieced motif (kind of spikey).  I was glad that I was able to find four molas that were on point so that all the molas look like they were made for the quilt -- I tried to use colors that were repeated in the embroidered motifs as well.  Of course I favor the ones that have birds!!


Marissa said...

Love the sweet quilt! I love birds too

Priscilla Kibbee said...

The mola quilt is going to be just great.

Marissa said...


Priscilla Kibbee said...

I love the mola quilt