Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Springtime in Wilmington!

My daughter came down for the weekend since my dear husband had abandoned me to go get our passports and some other items we would need for the upcoming trip to New Zealand.  He got to see the (hopefully) last of the Rochester snow which has been vicious this year.  She had never been to Airlie Gardens so I told her to bring her camera and we would go for a picture taking day.  I had been there just a couple of weeks ago and was AMAZED at the changes since my last visit.  There were still a few camelias but there were tulips everywhere, magnolias in bloom, redbuds and even some of the azaleas were out.  My ducks are gone for the most part though -- either that or nesting which I suspect is why we aren't seeing all that much these days.  Many have probably returned north as well as spring is definitely breaking out down here!

There were wonderful beds of tulips everywhere, all different varieties and colors.

Particularly liked this bed of the variegated tulips, both this one and a really pretty pink and green one.

The female Mute Swan was sitting on her nest while the male was swimming around the pond.

A small Carolina Wren was sitting by the water.

There were several Osprey hanging out in the trees although I didn't see one in the prominent nest by the water.  This guy was way far away but my little camera (I didn't have the big lens with me as I was taking pictures of flowers) did manage to capture him and you couldn't see him without binoculars.

These rose looking wild flowers are again blooming on the empty lot across the street.  Have forgotten the name but they are one of the first wildflowers to bloom down here.  

Counting down the days now until we fly off to New Zealand and Fiji!!


Adelbert Enriquez said...

Wow your blog is a very good element for representing how lovely our nature is! Keep up the god work!

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knutty knitter said...

Lovely tulips :)


Teri Campbell said...

I just wanted to thank you for your blog. I gleaned a lot of information from your site and just did my first ice dye on a long wrap (for carrying my baby). I could not be more pleased!