Monday, December 14, 2015

A Invitation to Join a New Art Quilt Group

Thursday I was invited to attend a long running art quilt group here in Wilmington.  I already knew two members of the group who are both incredibly talented quilters and I really looked forward to meeting the other ladies!  This was one of the first quilts that greeted me when I walked into Gerry's house.  Gerry was hosting this group for their annual Christmas party which was a potluck (I brought broccoli/cheddar quiche).  The quilting in the background is unbelievably intense.  I would guess it was about 40 x 36 and lovely!

This was a large piece that Gerry had done honoring her father.  Again, beautifully done.

I coudn't get back far enough to get this whole quilt in the picture.  Gerry said this is the last quilt that she hand-quilted and the hand quilting is exquisite -- would do anyone at GVQC proud!  She concentrates on art quilts now.

Couldn't quite get the whole quilt in this picture as well.  Loved the colors.

I actually think this was my favorite of all of them.  There was great texture in this one.

I look forward to getting to know these ladies better.  One of the exciting parts is that the only other woman in the guild who lives here in Kure Beach is also in this group and she drove me to the meeting and it was absolutely lovely to get to know her better.  It was a really nice group of women so I look forward to the next meeting!!

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