Thursday, January 7, 2016

Weather is Colder so Finally Quilting Some!

I still try to get out to see my birds each day but they have taken to the water as the water temp was actually 30 degrees warmer than the air the other day!!!

This is the Oystercatcher which remains one of my favorite birds down here and can be found almost every day at low tide.

Each year I bring down some unfinished projects and this year was a bag full of half finished scrappy blocks in greens.  I had the centers for many started and a big bag of finishing strips and this was the first two blocks.  All green is just too too boring even though I have lots of values and variation of hue so purple and orange will be added to it with the intention of creating a flower garden.  I love those three secondary colors together.  I want a king sized quilt so it will require about 225 blocks.  I have about 90 done now.  They are kind of a pain to do but I am a compulsive finisher soo...  I also have been cutting out rhomboid shapes for another quilt that I will be making from some of the leftover hand dyes.

These are not in any way arranged yet but I have been making a lot of progress with the colder weather. I have finished up the half finished blocks and now am forging forth with creating new blocks.  When I get enough done to start placing the way I want, I will create blocks that will fit my vision.     This is the way I always approach scrap quilts.  At first, it is totally random but becomes planned as I start placing blocks in a pleasing (to me) manner.

When I was created my master dyer's book, I played around with several combinations of primaries.  Because of the sheer volume of fabrics that are needed to do this, I worked with 1/16 yards.  This doesn't give you a lot of fabric.  Later, I was playing with thickened Thiourea Dioxide and some snowflake silk screens I had created with my Thermofax and screened snowflakes on a lot of the small pieces of fabric.  So I have now cut them into 5 inch squares and will add some other stuff and get a quilt out of this finally as well.  Only time will tell what it will be!!  You can tell what dyes were used by what color they discharged to.  One of my posts documents what the different pure dyes discharge to. (I know poor English but...)  I wish I had been a little more consistent with where I placed the snowflakes on the fabric as some were awfully close to the edge!  

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