Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Another Day of Dyeing -- You Win Some, You Lose Some!!

It was a day to do some experimenting but not on t-shirts as that would be a little costly.  I tried putting clothespins on a couple of pieces and then I stacked two sets of pieces to see if they would come out with the same pattern (they should).  I also used mostly purples with some blues.  To say the least, I was very surprised by the outcome!!

The most surprising was that  by looking at the pieces separately, I could not tell which ones were the stacked ones!!  I finally figured it out when I put them ll on the computer and had them all small and sitting next to each other!!  

This was the mate to the one above!  I suspect it was the one on the bottom as it has less color but will have to confirm this by actually labeling the pieces next time!!  Here I thought I had a great opportunity to have two the same!!  Hardly....

Here you can see the two pieces next to each other.  I like both of them but notice with this bunch of pieces (I did 10 altogether in one session) that I like the photos better than the actual pieces although I do like these two.  Overall, I think I used far too much dye yesterday and will get out my shaker bottles to tone this down a bit.

The next two are also stacked pieces.  They look more alike than the first two but not if you are just looking at the big pieces.

I am not sure if the color difference is true or a function of darkening up the pieces as the flash lightened them up too much.  They are really pretty dark.

Here they are next to each other.

The next two pieces were really dark and I used all the different purples that I had including Grape, Blue-Violet and I think one called Deep Purple.  I may have thrown in  a little blue in as well.  These were my least favorites as they were very dark.

This one and the previous piece were the ones with the clothespins.  I think the effect was extremely subtle (so subtle I m not even sure these were the two pieces!).  I only put two clothespins along the edges of these two pieces.  You can see a lighter spot along the diagonals.

You'll notice on a few of the pieces that they are longer than they are wider.  Operator error I think!

I believe that these were done together as well although I didn't mark anything so it is just a guess on my part.  By together here, I mean that they sat next to each other with the same colors sprinkled on top.

These two were done together as well with a lot more blue in them -- I believe a lot of Basic Blue.  The bottom one is my least favorite.
Overall, the day was a limited success.  I got a few pieces I liked and a few I didn't like too much.  Going to go back to using those greens which are mixed dyes as I like what I got with them better.  Will do some more mandalas today and then back to t-shirts.  I had to order more Synthrapol as I have been using Dawn which seems to do the job just fine but...

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