Friday, October 28, 2016

QBTS October Meeting

Vickie Clontz was our featured speaker this month at QBTS and these are some of the placemats she showed.  She sells her patterns at Annie's Keepsakes and she certainly had a lot of them!!

She specializes in felting of all kinds as well as the use of those felted fabrics in clothing, pin cushions, wall hangings and about anything else you can think of!  These were her felted flowers, the instructions for which are on a cd she sells.  I really liked these.

This was a wall hanging she constructed using felted fabrics and some of her felted flowers.  These were her interpretations of orchids.

 This and the next were jackets she created and used her nuno felted designs.  She does both nuno felting and wet felting and uses felted fabrics extensively.  She was limited to this however, and showed more traditional cotton renderings like her aprons.

 There was a recent day dedicated to neonatal quilts and these and the next were some of those.  The guild made its yearly quota of quilts already.

The winner of this year's scholarship to Consortium showed two of the pieces that she and her sister had created in a class with Karen Eckmeier.  I am a big fan of Karen and remember well her sitting behind me in a class at Quilting by the Lake making snarky comments about the class and making me laugh (and thus me getting the evil eye from the teacher).  She is a lot of fun.  I took a class on curves from her many many years ago.  Loved the output of this class.  Her website is Quilted Lizard .

This was the raffle quilt for the Brunswick quilt guild and I thought it was just beautiful.  I couldn't get back far enough to get the whole quilt in the picture though.

It was hard to get the whole quilts in the pictures because of tables and people but this was a row by row done by our former pres Ann.

Miranda has been finishing up UFOs.  Here was one of her random blocks which she made into a medallion quilt using it as a center.  She had more but this was the only one I got even a decent picture of!

There were quite  a few other Show and Tell quilts but I was either too far away, or  they didn't hold them up high enough or long enough for me to focus! 

Of course no blog would be complete without some pictures of my birds.  This is one of the Oystercatchers seen down at Ft. Fisher.  First ones I have seen this season.  I think the high water from the hurricane has kept them away.

This was a Snowy Egret catching lots of fish on the same day!

 Two Oystercatchers fishing together.

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