Thursday, May 4, 2017

The End of Marbling for Awhile

Well, finally have cleaned up the area, gotten rid of the remnants of size and retrieved all my efforts.

I have forgotten how difficult it is to get what you want.  The high humidity when I was doing these didn't help as it was difficult to accurately dip the quarter yard pieces -- a problem I haven't had before.  This was was pretty good.

I kind of liked this one also.

I can retrieve fairly large areas of this one and I liked the colors.

The purple looked faded but if cut up, I am sure this will be okay.

I liked several of the second pulls I did.  I define this term as laying a second piece of fabric down after you have just marbled one piece.  You don't add any more paint, just take what is leftover.  I did this one on an already dyed piece of fabric.

I am leaving my paints and supplies here as this is something I can do easily at the beach.  Maybe next year I will have better luck!


The Idaho Beauty said...

Marbling frustrated the heck out of me. I tried so many times, followed all the rules, tried tips, and was never happy with my results. I decided it was one of those things that would be worthwhile buying someone else's triumphs!

Elizabeth said...

As my husband would say, "sometimes you eat the bear and sometimes the bear eats you". I have had days when the marbling went just perfectly and days when nothing worked. It becomes very intuitive after awhile but it does take a bit of practice to get to that point. You learn which paints work best and which colors work the best -- a lot of bad pieces while getting there especially when you are like me and like to use lots of color!