Sunday, February 10, 2019

Using up the Leftovers from the Blueberry Bagel Quilt!

I had one heck of a lot of triangles left after finishing the Blueberry Bagel quilt so spent one evening pinning darks to lights.  Here are the first 24 squares.  I decided to go with a 4 x 6 arrangement.  It ended up that I had made 49 blocks altogether so had one left over.  This is of course just a simple kaleidoscope block.  Squaring them up is a little easier now that I have new smaller square rulers.  It is still a pain.

I decided that these needed at least one border to contain all the light.  This one is a dark green and will have dark green binding as well.  It is about 44 x 58.  I have completed machine quilting this one as well

I surrounded this one with a blue hand dye with some purple turrounded this one with a blue hand dye with some purple tendencies.I spray basted these two plus one other quilt top I had finished and managed to get the machine quilting done on one of the kaleidoscope quilts.

This  is a closeup of the quilting on the green bordered quilt.  I was do the same with the blue bordered one.  I first stitched in the ditch between each square and then free hand quilted in all the light areas first stitching in the ditch free hand outlining the light area.  

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