Friday, July 2, 2021

Moving Forward Still!

Got another of the big rosettes completed and relatively pleased.

This is the Passacaglia design wall as it now stands.  I am working on the fourth large rosette as well as several of the rosettes that have 8 stars around them.

After messing up the order of the hexagons a couple of times, I finally put them  into piles in the order that they are to be sewn.  This made life one heck off a lot easier!  I start by sewing the upper two on the right and add the bottom right; then i sew the two upper left together and add the bottom left.  You leave the two sides of the hexagons separate as they are sewed up in rows.

I have made it much scrappier than any other version I have seen.  I calmed it down a bit by moving some of the "sides" around so that the yellows came together as well as the beiges.  This helps the eye to rest a bit I think.  I like the optical illusion of big blocks and little blocks.

I turned it upside down and you get a bit of a different optical illusion but you have to look at the light areas more intently to get it to work.

It has been driving me a little crazy the past few days trying to figure out how to make this a little different and give your eye a bit more of a rest without making it boring.  I finally decided what to do this afternoon.  I will be taking out (maybe these blocks but who knows) a couple or few blocks and replace them with another hexagonal block.  You will have to come back to see what that is!  I also have decided yet how large to make the quilt.  I will probably trade out a couple more sides so that there are a few lights with peach on both sides.  I think keeping the same color (although not the same fabric) will help.  If I had the patience, I would probably also do this with the darks and medium but that will have to be the next quilt!  Trying to also decide whether this would be a decent baby quilt or not as it is blocks!


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