Tuesday, July 9, 2024

Catching Up!


I decided to do some dyeing this past week while my husband was away.  I was anxious to try a new technique I saw on FB.  It seemed it would be less work than some of the other techniques I use in Ice dyeing.  

The technique is to apply the dye directly to the fabric, sprinkle some soda ash on top and then cover with the with the ice.  The tshirts were first soaked in soda ash solution for several hours and then dried before applying the dyes.

Hint -- it was probably not less work and I am not sure I am crazy about the results but it was worth a try.  There was so  much dye used that the rinse out was a super pain!!  Bloggerf is not behaving and keeps losing my pictures and making all my text get underlined and changing colors!

This was an attempt and vertical stripes but not very successful.

This was probably the one I liked the best of the bunch!

A slightly more successful stripey one.

Not too bad but still not there!

This and the next top were both finished from the same flowered fabric and I have a lot more but will use to back one of the quilts.The third picture is the fabric I used,

These are more of the wonky log cabin blocks and I am seriously getting sick of the blue strips I have!!  I decided to use some of them to make a large tote bag which is pictured below.  Because I don't have a great cutting surface here, it was touchy but I got it done and it is practical.  I will probably quilt the bag if I do another one,  I certainly have enough of these blocks!

Back to doing a quilt as you go quilt.  I am further along now and used a medium blue for the sashing and the binding.  The back is really pretty cute but find this a little too bright even for me.  As I mentioned before, I am sick of these blue strips and still have a large bag filled with them!

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