Thursday, April 9, 2009

Last Days at Kure Beach for Awhile

We spent our last full day at the beach house exploring again. This time we took a trip to Southport and then Bald Head Island which is only accessible by ferry -- in fact to get from our house to the island, the quickest way involved two ferries going and two ferries coming back. Bald Head Island has no cars on it and people get around on foot, by bicycle or in electric golf carts! This is the lighthouse which was close to the ferry terminal but which time prohibited us from visiting!

This is a view out to the shoals at the end of the island. This is one of the three places designated as the graveyard of the Atlantic because of the number of shipwrecks on the 150 sandbars there are here.

This is a view mid-island from the back of the moving golf cart where I was sitting with Debi.

This was the view out to the sandy beach -- very peaceful here and beautiful beaches.

This is the broken down golf cart! This was no major inconvenience except for waiting for them to bring another cart. Luckily we were on our way back and not at the opposite end of the island. Our two resident mechanics couldn't fix it as it was a broken switch.

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