Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Visiting with My New Granddaughter!!

Well, posting will be sparse as I am in Seattle visiting my granddaughter for the first time!! It doesn't seem fair that she is such a good baby when both of her grandmother's can attest to the fact that her parents were not such good babies!! They are very laid back and loving parents which is very rewarding to watch.

She is getting more alert by the day and is inspecting all her surroundings very intensely. She is even trying to turn over!

She is beginning to focus on things around her -- sometimes better than others. She has a silly look on her face here!

Here she is in a "milk stupor" with her mom .

She now loves her tummy mat and especially is entralled with the moose hanging on the side!

Here she is with a nice clean diaper and a new outfit! Look at those pudgy little legs!

Here she is with her other grandmother who is sharing the hotel with me!

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