Saturday, April 7, 2012

Up To Date on Projects and a Visit to Marcia's

At it again!  Here is Serendipity No. 7.  I worked a little on 5 today and 6 is untouched!  The fabric for this was an old springy print but strangely with a black background.  The spring flowers put me in the mood to do this one which is lavenders, purples, blues and lots of green and yellow-orange.  It's coming together on my design wall.

This is the first thing I saw when coming into Marcia's studio today -- it is a quilt top that Priscilla has put together of these incredible molas depicting village life.  Priscilla goes right to the islands where these molas are created and purchases them from the Kuna Indians.  She is heading out again in the near future!  You will probably have to click on it to see the detail.
Just stunning!

This is another of Priscilla's new pieces.  She now describes herself as a "new" quilter. 

 Her latest work in process is a camel based on a picture she took on one of her trips.  It looks spectacular and we look forward to seeing its progress.  It will be big too!

This is a quilt that Marcia just completed quilting for a friend who only wanted to see a picture of it when it was completed.  Lucky Marcia gets to keep it.  I believe it will be published in a book at some future date.

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