Tuesday, September 11, 2012

GVQC September Meeting

This is a collage of a lot of the comfort quilts that were turned in during the meeting. Looks like people were very busy this summer with an amazing variety of quilts.

This is a quilt by Donna Schalge which contains an incredible number of family pictures.  Click on it to see more detail.  Besides all the pictures, loved the colors -- just the hint of the greens and yellows to spark the purples and blues.

 This is just a small piece of Marcia Eygabroat's latest beautiful creation.
This is a sample of the scarves that Valerie Schultz has done as part of teaching some ice dyeing with Procion MX dyes at Julie Brandon's.  This workshop is combined with one that creates these wonderful fused class pieces that can be made into scarf holders.

This is one of several panels, each about 6 feet by 12 feet that Pat Pauly created with recycled scrap fabrics as part of an exhibit for Rochester's Greentopia.  It will be hanging in the High Falls area.  See  Pat Pauly's blog entry for more information.

 Elaine showed the Batavia Quilt Guild's raffle quilt which I thought was beautiful!

Nancy Levant did this quilt using one of the patterns created by our guest speaker (Anita Grossman Solomon).  I had so many chores to do before heading south that I missed the speaker for the first time ever! 

I drove down on Saturday and Sunday.  The weather on Saturday was some of the worst I have ever driven in--kind of like the whiteouts in winter in Rochester except it was torrential rain.  I actually had to pull off the road once and should have a couple of other times but was afraid someone would hit my car as visibility was almost zero.

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