Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Seattle Visitors are Home Now! Sigh....

My daughter Zann and my granddaughter Amelia.  Amelia loved playing in the water.

She especially liked dad holding her as she rode the waves.

She was absolutely pooped after coming home from the beach and slept for hours (in her tutu of course).
Here she is with the grandparents who enjoyed having her visit tremendously!!

 The weather turned downright awful as soon as the kids left with high winds and lots of rain.  It was just perfect the whole time they were here so let's hope that encourages them to return soon!  Low tide was late afternoon (my walking time) so I treated myself with a trip to the secret beach, knowing that I wouldn't find any unusual birds but wanted to play with the little camera.  Here is a Willet caught in the act of eating a small snail (or crab).

 This is a juvenile laughing gull.  There were lots of adults hanging around as well as a couple of other juveniles.  
 Just one of the many, many Ruddy Turnstones on the beach.  They have returned to their winter plummage.
This was a juvenile Sanderling. I thought his coloring was really striking compared to the usual adult plummage.
This is the view to the rocks where the birds skitter about at low tide picking up mollusks and crabs to eat.  The whole beach is this very striated and textural stone -- a little hard on bare feet I might add.

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