Thursday, December 6, 2012

Back to the Routine...

We were fortunate to be able to treat our guests last week to wonderful North Carolina weather -- 70s each day and lots and lots of sunshine.  Since our guests were from Rochester, this was a bit of a treat!  We were pretty busy but I didn't remember to bring my camera for the one day that I could take pictures!

However, I am back to my daily routine which of course includes my daily walk although it was a bit chilly and cloudy today.  I was very surprised to see this Long Tailed Duck sitting on the little island on Carolina Beach Lake -- I haven't seen one out of the water before and he posed nicely for me before dropping his head to sleep some more.

This was a Kildeer which is a first for me down at the Lake although I have certainly seen them before.

The population of Lesser Scaups has certainly risen. Here are a male in front and two females.  The Grebes are still there as well as the Buffleheads.  Still none of the Northern Shovelers, Redheads or Wood Ducks have arrived.

I finally finished all the machine work on one of my favorite of the Serendipity quilts.  I think it is quilted well enough to be in our quilt show next June (GVQC 2013 Quilt Festival at Rochester Institute of Technology).  You can click on the link in the parentheses to see all the events -- it is easily as big as some of the regional shows with about 60 vendors.


Gail Baker said...

Your picture of the Long Tailed Duck is fantastic!!

Dahn said...

I love reading your blog because your photography is very, very good. Your bird photos are awesome. Thanks for showing them! :-)

Marissa said...

Beth, I have sat for 2 hrs straight enjoying you blog! Love the quilt and bird combination! I just started birding about a month ago and I'm starting to appreciate nature a lot more! I love, love all the bird pictures keep posting! I'm your new follower!