Sunday, November 25, 2012

Finally, a Kingfisher!

I have seen many Belted Kingfishers over the years, especially in Florida, but have never been able to get a good picture as they fly away if you get within 100 feet of them.  They are very territorial birds so maybe this is the reason why.  However, yesterday as I was turning into the Park for my walk, I spotted one sitting in the tree in the entrance way.  I took several photos through my car windshield but did manage to get a couple after I opened my window before she flew away -- definitely a female!!  You can't see her fine hairdo in this picture but you can see her brown stripe which differentiates her from the males.

 This is one of the ones through the windshield but you can see her top knot feathers!  LJ called them fat hummingbirds and I was surprised that they were grouped with the hummingbirds in my bird book!

Later she was sitting on one of the extensive Christmas light decorations surrounding the lake.

This was a first year Great Blue Heron who was very suspicious of me.  

A good closeup finally of a Ruddy Duck.  There were two asleep most of the time swimming alongside the Long Tailed Duck who was also sleeping.

This Long Tailed Duck just wouldn't wake up but at least you can see his tail in this picture as opposed to yesterday.

The weather has been cool but sunny for the past few days and we have enjoyed having our oldest daughter down for the holidays.  Now to get some shopping done for that next holiday!  I may not eat again  until then either....

Needless to say, not much machine quilting has gotten done the past few days!  I do want to get all these quilts done so I can start on something new.

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