Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Carolina Beach Birds Addendum!

 All lined up, there is a Lesser Scaup, a Greater Scaup, a Ruddy Duck and a male Bufflehead!  Little did I think that there would be additional birds on my trip to Carolina Beach Lake yesterday but I was pleasantly surprised!  I had seen Ruddy Ducks down there a couple of years ago but not last year.  It was another dull gray day.

This was a duck I hadn't seen down here before -- a White Winged Scoter.  He was off by himself.  I have seen them up on Rochester in the wintertime.
This is a closeup of the Ruddy Duck.
This is a closeup of one of the Pied Billed Grebes before he spotted me and swam far away.

I have certainly seen a ton of these Willets but thought this was an unusual background for one.  Usually they are scampering down the beach and don't allow you to even get this close.  He was  hanging out with the Mallards.

I finished all the machine quilting and put the binding on the very first of the "serendipity" quilts that I made last year.  It was a breeze compared to the last one (the brown one) that I did.  All the blocks were the same in this one although I varied the background a bit.  It is a good size for a double bed bu t here it is draped over a chair in my living room.  I LOVE the final hand stitching you do putting the binding on!!

This is a little of the detail on the quilt.  If you click on it, you can see the quilting in the pink and the meander stitching around the border.  That blue green used in the background (two different fabrics) was a horror to find -- I think it is about a ten  year old color but it was the only one that would do!


Sandy said...

if you could tag the birds, it would be interesting to see if they make the same migration as you do. Up to your lake in the North, down to your secret beach in the South!
Sandy in the UK

Elizabeth said...

Today I would think they were following me as the last two days I have seen ducks I have only seen in upstate NY before! They have gotten smarter I guess or the winter is going to be worse than ever up there and I will be glad to be down here!