Friday, November 16, 2012

Another Kure Beach Day!

This is our kitty Cheney sitting in the corner of the porch checking out the other cats in the neighborhood.  We had to put up netting on our third floor porch as George took a tumble last year when he was checking out the Christmas lights.  They especially like to be out there in the evening.

I always sit out on the porch with my camera by my side.  For several days, there were a number of vultures circling around our house -- we figured out cells must be dying faster than we thought to attract so many vultures.  They are beautiful creatures in flight though.

The Grebes were back at the Lake today when I went for my walk!  I hadn't seen them yet this year and there were several swimming and fishing today (Pied Billed Grebes).

There were several young cormorants swimming and diving as well in this fresh water lake.

There were a number of Grackles and this was a female enjoying the fruit on one of the palm trees surrounding the lake.  The palms were filled with grackles today.

This was one of the male Grackles also feasting.  They really looked pretty I thought with their iridescent feathers.

I happen to think that the lines filled with Starlings were pretty.  I do love their winter coloration even though I am not particularly fond of the bird!!  They were all lined up about equidistant from each other.

My American Coot count is up to 29 now.  They all stick closely together, I assume to keep warm.  They will top out at a count of about 100 if like previous years.

The weather down here for two days was just very reminiscent of Rochester - blustery, cloudy, cold, with drizzle on and off.  I was impatient to get back to my porch and normal NC weather rather than cocooning myself down on the first floor machine quilting quilts (although I did get a lot done).  It was good to get back out walking today even though I am gimpy on two counts now -- left ankle and right knee!!

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Scotkat said...

I so enjoyed your blog Beth fabulous shots.

Thank you for sharing.