Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I Just Can't Stop Making Purses -- Worse than Chips....

This is the market bag I made for my daughter -- she wanted one that was big enough to hold the 12 packs of Diet Coke cans.  I changed the pattern yet again to her specs.  Her kitty Paka decided it was the perfect place to take his nap.  The kitties would not leave my daughter's side while she was visiting (they're hers and I am only cat-sitting).

This is LJ's other kitty Jahi who is clearly too much cat for his bed -- just too fluffy!

Another new purse from the Purse-sonality pattern pictured the other day.  I thought this would be my favorite but it isn't!

Another new purse from the Lazy Girl purse pattern.  I have about four or five more all put together but think I will await doing more after this until I get home where I have a big box of zippers from years ago.  I have been going to Joanns too many times but at least I have my smart phone so have gotten some substantial discounts.  

Still another purse from the Lazy Girl pattern.  I had brought down a bunch of 1/2 yard pieces of fabric that I just liked with no thoughts about what I would do with them.  I just knew I probably wouldn't have enough for any of the quilts that I tend to make.  

I am almost to the point of designing my own and may buy some gridded flipchart paper to make some patterns.  Making all these different purses has given me some good ideas of pluses and minuses and what I like -- LOTS of zippers!!

There are very few ducks left from the winter visitors.  This male Greater Scaup seems to be hanging around though all his friends have departed.

I was surprised to see this Tri-Colored Heron yesterday with mating plumage -- I hadn't seen one with that plumage before even in Florida!

Here is a closeup of the feathered headdress of the Tricolor which certainly lives up to his name!  I keep forgetting these birds are about the same size as the Little Blue Herons as this one from a distance just looked so small.  The Little Blues are nowhere near as colorful!

Wisteria is a pest plant down here and this was the first I had seen down at Carolina Beach Lake growing next to a drainage ditch.  In a couple of weeks, all the wooded areas will be colored with this flower.

This was the first time I have seen a Gadwall down at Carolina Beach Lake.  This is a female and I loved her pretty patterned feathers.  She allowed me to get pretty close as she was very busy feeding.

Oh No, the azaleas aren't supposed to be out for another week and a half when the Azalea Festival is going on down here in Wilmington NC!  Someone forgot to tell them that the Azalea Festival was being held later than usual this year.    I am starting to see them blooming everywhere.  The weather has been cool so hopefully they will still be beautiful for the festival which is Wilmington's biggest yearly celebration.

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Beth Brandkamp said...

I have already given two away to a friend and am sure some others will head that way. As they are not my pattern, won't sell them. I have another friend in mind who will love one of the other color combinations.

Gail, any you want?