Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Miscellaneous Wildflowers at the Beach

 As most of my favorite birds have migrated back north, I have been focusing on documenting the wildflowers that I have found on the island which is composed of Carolina Beach and Kure Beach and is called Pleasure Island (an unfortunate name I think as it always seems like the name of a porn movie!).  I first starting doing this as I was seeing so many different wildflowers growing in my "lawn".  This one is the Common Vetch which was found in my yard..

This is  the Evening Primrose which wasn't even in my wildflower book -- maybe it's considered a perennial(?).  We actually planted this at home in Rochester but it is growing all over lawns down here. The flowers are short lived and literally disappear doing the heat of the day.

This is another view of the Evening Primrose.

There were two mounds of these growing in the empty lot across the street.  I have no idea what it is but it has these heart shaped leaves.  
Again this was growing all over the back yard here as well as in the empty lot and wasn't in my wildflower book.  

   Again growing in the lawn.  I think it is a Skullcap but not certain.

This is  Gaillardia and grows all over everywhere down here in the dunes, lawns and empty lots.  It blooms from April through the fall.

The next several pictures were taken down at Ft. Fisher (the south end of the island).  These and the purple flowers were growing along the side of the road -- literally filling the area with color. I believe this white one is called Star of Bethlehem.

My dear husband identified these as Blue Eyed Grass.  It is sold as a perennial.

There was a field of these by the ferry in a field. I believe these are called Baby Blue Eyes.

Down in Carolina Beach State Park, I saw lots of Fetterbush and Scatterbush.  This white flower was also down there and I think it is Ground Oak.

This is a Spiderwort.  It is a smallish flower but reminded me of trillium with its three lobes.

I also saw this one in the park but haven't identified it.  Any help??  Of course in the park I also saw the  beautiful Yellow Pitcher Plant and the Cinnamon Ferns.

The next two I found down at Ft. Fisher along the walkway.  I believe this is Leopards Bane.
I think this is Coastal Puccoon but according to the book skips over NC but is found in Virginia through Florida.  Maybe it doesn't skip NC after all!  However, I could have it wrong!!

Wisteria is super common (a pest vine) down here but haven't seen much on the island except this down by Carolina Beach Lake.  It is so pretty though.