Saturday, July 27, 2013

More Ice Dyeing and a Little Nature

I may be wrong here but think this is a Carolina Locust.  There were a lot of these in the field where we went today to take care of some chickens for a friend of my husband's.  They are the least destructive of the locusts.

This is a Ebony Jewelwing Damselfly.  It has been skittering around out front and I finally got a good enough photo to identify it.

Here are the ladies whose eggs we swiped right out from under them.  

I did some more ice resist dyeing yesterday and completed another two shirts and four yards of fabric.  This is 1/2 of a piece of Egyptian cotton -- I did a two yard length and folded it into quarters before scrunching it and putting on the ice and dye.  When you open it  up,  you have a mandala.  The dye goes through the four layers quite evenly so may try more layers to see if I can get something even more interesting.

This is the other two yard piece which was a sateen.  The dyes I used were Pro Chem's Grape, Leaf Green, Intense Blue and a little Turquoise.

These hadn't been ironed yet and they are so much fun to iron!

A t-shirt using the same colors -- not quite a bright as the fabric!

A long-sleeved t-shirt using those same colors.  These are the Basic Editions t-shirts that I used to get at K Mart and hopefully they will have them again as I would like to get a couple of turtlenecks.  

I should note that I still haven't used up all the ice in that $2,99 bag and have done six t-shirts and  6 yards of fabric.  I only put on a layer thick enough to cover all the fabric.  I think I have one more session left with the remaining ice -- it was a 20 lb bag I believe.

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