Thursday, January 16, 2014

Birds and Purses and More Birds

Before leaving Rochester, I made  up "kits" for making purses using my modified pattern.  In many cases, I didn't put in any extra fabric so had to improvise on the straps from what I had on hand.  These were all made with 1/3 yard pieces of "Japanese" fabrics I bought in a bundle in California many many years ago.  I knew I had to do something with them and am relatively pleased with how they turned out.  I tried to "fussy-cut" to put the best pattern on those middle panels.

Of course, afternoons are still for my walks and trying to find birds of which to take pictures.  This was the closest I have come to a Horned Grebe on a very cloudy day.  He popped up right in front of me!

You can see a closeup of his face here with the red eye and the peculiar red stripe that goes down to his bill.  

My Oystercatchers  have been particularly entertaining this last week making lots of noise and chasing each other around.

These three were particularly talkative.  These were really far away and I am so pleased with the new lens and the ability to capture pictures I couldn't before!

While I was watching the Oystercatchers, the beautiful Great Black-backed Gull flew over.  He was huge!  Wish I had caught him sooner with his graphic plummage.  The next day I saw a juvenile version of this gull.

This bird was really far out and even through the lens of the camera I couldn't make out what it was.  I was amazed at how good the photo came out.  I believe this is a Common Loon.   There was also a flock of Red-throated Loons flying through as well.

Last but not lease, I couldn't resist taking a picture of this beautiful female Boat Tailed Grackle. They are so common down here but the light was just right and you can see all her shades of brown.  I ran into some of my new birding friends and they told me of another site I have to investigate as well -- where the woodpeckers hang out also right down the road!  There will be a Civil War re-enactment this weekend so I have a feeling that will scare away everyone as they will shoot off the canons which even shake this house a mile away!!


Amanda said...

Wandered in while surfing blogs. I enjoyed your bird captures :)

Fred Gloade said...

Do you sell your purses.