Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Quilt Club and More Birds (of Course)!

We had a "meet and greet" meeting this month at the Quilters by the Sea Guild that I belong to down here in NC.  This incredible top was shown by one of the members -- I think each of those English paper-pieced hexagons was only about 1 inch across.  She is bound and determined to hand quilt it which will be an incredible challenge.  Stunning quilt!

This is one of the Habitat for Humanity quilts.  These are done for each of the new houses -- basically made with just strips.

What a surprise to see another new member this month who brought in a quilt she had done in a Ruth McDowell workshop.  My pelican that I did in her workshop was the quilt I chose to show as well!

I brought a whole raft of quilts with me but because basically everyone was getting their one minute, we were only allowed one item to show.  I cheated a little as I wore the jacket that I  made and did show the pelican quilt as well!  The program person asked if I could do a trunk show.  I probably have enough stuff down here to do that.  She also asked if I could do a workshop at some point so we will decide what to do it on later.  Amazingly, there were an awful lot of people from the upstate NY area.  One woman from NC said she thought she was the only native Carolinian in the group!!  I ran into one woman who frequently visits Rochester and her sister is a member of GVQC!  Another went to Geneseo and yet two others were from Rochester itself.  Small world.

I have taken a couple of new paths this week and one was around the actual fort at Ft. Fisher.  What a lovely walk with lots of live oaks and these wonderful marshes.  Didn't spot any wildlife though!

This group of mostly Oystercatchers was hanging out on the big stone wall that separates the ocean from the Cape Fear River.  It was high tide and during high tide the wall is mostly submerged.  They are all facing into the wind which was coming from the SW so no pretty faces to show and no Avocet (who sometimes hangs out with this group).  I think some of the smaller birds are probably Dunlins but hard to tell from this angle.

There has been an invasion of Cedar Waxwings and even more so, the Yellow Rumped Warblers.  Another birder suggested going by the small pond by the aquarium to see the Waxwings.  There were a lot of them but hard to get pictures with all the branches.  I hadn't seen one of these before.

Still a ton of Hooded Mergansers by the larger pond.  I like the males with their crests prominently displayed.

Of course, another Yellow Rumped Warbler.  They are overrunning the place!!

You should be able to see the iridescence on the male Buffleheads off in the ocean.

There continue to be both Common and Red-throated Loons down off the beach at Ft. Fisher as well.  This is a Common Loon  with his winter plumage.

This is a Red-throated Loon.  You can see how much more white he has and how regular the division is from the dark feathers.  On the Common Loon, it is much more irregular.  Also the Red-throated Loon tends to hold his bill up in the air like a Cormorant.

Last but not least, this is the male Kingfisher that hangs out on the boat launch.  He looks very angry here.

I am heading to Fl for several days to visit my sister while DH minds the home front.  Should have lots of bird pictures and maybe even some quilt pictures eventually!

If you are interested in great teachers, a great city and some great quilts, come to the North Carolina Symposium which is being held on May 29 through June 1 of this year at the University of North Carolina- Wilmington.  The website with  all the information is:  North Carolina Symposium.  The Quilters by the Sea Guild (QBTS) is hosting and I have volunteered to be the photographer.  Let me know if you are looking for a place to stay!


Claire Welch said...

Be careful, Beth. That's a dangerous and tempting invitation. You're in luck. I'm booked up that week-end. And the hexagon quilt is lovely ... LOTS of work! Enjoy your sister.

Mahaishis Kusuma said...

cool!! keep blogging :)))