Sunday, February 2, 2014

Some "Blue" Birds From My Florida Visit with my Sister

I am way way behind in my blogs as much time was spent taking pictures when I was in Florida and my sister kept me very busy!!  Processing 300 or 400 pictures each night took up my evening hours.  As usual, my sister and her wonderful husband took me all over and all I had to do was request a certain bird and they would find one for me!!  Any minute we weren't traveling to wonderful birding sites, I sat in her beautiful lenai about 30 feet from the bird feeders and watched all the wonderful feeder birds flit back and forth.  No need to name the two birds featured primarily in this blog!!
She had a lot of different Blue Jays visiting the feeder, some with grayer chests and some with bluer feathers

The Bluebirds were stunning!!  They posed most days for me.

This was the favorite of my poses so here is the bigger version of the picture!

Of course this is a Great Blue Heron.  This picture was taken at Venetian Gardens in Leesburg Fl but that day will have its own blog posting!

This is a male Kestrel which is a hawk and really quite petite by hawk standards.  I included him here as he has such pretty blue/gray feathers.  We did see one from the lenai but not this one!

This is the female Kestrel who is not quite as colorful as her counterpart.

My sister is ahead of me in her blogs so check hers out as well and see if she has any more sneaky pictures of me taking pictures!!  She is ahead of me -- I think she took my driving day to accomplish this.  As her life is very busy, I am sure I can catch up!!

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Sandy said...

wonderful blues!
Sandy in the UK