Saturday, February 22, 2014

Moving Right Along...

Going with the star idea seems to be best so am trying things out after cutting up the second half of the fabric so that I would have a total of 37 stars.  That puts me a bit short on hexagons but will see how it goes as it doesn't need to be a square quilt.  

I decided to go with chartreuse as the second color and that stays for now.  I may change my mind....

Kelly Green is the third color but it may become the second color with a darker blue as the third color.  Otherwise, the darker blue will be the fourth color.  Nothing is put together yet in this picture -- all sitting as triangles and diamonds on the design wall so that the spacing isn't quite right.

I decided I would sew in the triangle to make the star hexagon.  The outer triangles are not sewn in yet.  

The temp has dropped outside with an east wind bringing in a breeze off the ocean, so may go downstairs, turn on five seasons of Murdoch Murders (great Canadian show -- I got hooked watching it for free on Prime and liked it so well, I bought dvds of all the seasons -- the Prime version didn't have Closed Captioning which I needed for this show).  So I am now watching them again and getting all the subtleties of the dialogue!

After looking at it some more and actually piecing a couple of more stars (the chartreuse ones), I decided not to do two rows of the green but to intersperse the greens.  The next row I think will be blues and blacks.  I don't have a lot of the blue that matches so may have to actually purchase some fabric (shocking as I don't do that very much down here) that is a better match.  Haven't decided whether any red will creep in somewhere or not -- might just!

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