Monday, February 3, 2014

"Red" Birds from my Florida Visit

 Again, no need to identify this bird!!!  I really liked the female coloration more than the bright red of the males as it was more subtle and there were so many variations.  For my non-USA visitors, it is a Cardinal.

 This was a particularly plump well fed male!

Isn't she pretty?

Although this bird has a bright red head, he (or she) is a Red-bellied Woodpecker.  I had never seen the distinct red belly before this trip but you can see it in several of the above photos!

This is a common House Finch and there were some colorful ones down in Florida!

We think this is a Red-tailed Hawk, probably a juvenile.

We also thought this was a Red-tailed Hawk which is the most common hawk down in Fl (and here as well).  Its position high in the pine tree is this hawk's preferred high position. 

A frequent visitor to the backyard was this beautiful coyote who looks particularly well fed.  One morning (while I was still asleep), two coyotes  meandered up to the bird feeder for a closer look.

This cute little Gray Squirrel politely only ate under the feeder not like our northern squirrels who pride themselves on being able to get into any feeder!!  Their Florida Fox Squirrel (monkey squirrel) is not as polite!

Chipping Sparrows were also frequent visitors to the feeder but usually stayed at ground level.

This was my very red sunrise the day I left for Florida!!

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Sandy said...

wow! the sunset is awesome.
We don't have cardinals or blue jays here in the UK ...or even the blue birds. I know some people go to your blog from mine, so a few people might not know the names of the birds.

I shall have to try to get a few photos for you of our English Robin and the Blue Tits and Great Tits that hang out in my back garden. And the lovely soft heather greys of the Collared Dove.
Sandy in the UK