Wednesday, February 26, 2014

February Meeting of Quilters by the Sea Guild

There was a huge group at the meeting this month and the parking lot was filled and extra chairs had to be brought in.  I think this was because there had been a recent retreat as well as a class with Augusta Cole.  There were a LOT of quilts to share, many of them from the class and they were so nice.  This is one of them!

This was another one with a different color pallette.

This top was done by our president Ann and I loved the color choices!!  It seems she had cheated and had the half square triangles all done before the class but it is really scrappy which is my favorite way of working!

Yet another and beautifully done and I think totally finished as well!!

One of Pat Mattison's student came up to show her this wonderful kitty quilt that she had finished as a result of one of Pat's classes.  I featured Pat in a previous blog post with her wonderful collage applique work.  

This group does a lot of Quilts of Valor and this was one example -- there were several shown but thought this one was stunning -- again with scraps.

This quilt was beautiful and done as a fund raiser for one of the local organizations.  Even though this quilt guild is half the size of my one at home, they are very very actively involved in a number of community activities.

I loved this lovely piece which still needs to be quilted.

Of course I loved the scrappy kitty quilt.

This is the back of a quilt one of the local long arm professionals who belongs to the guild did.  She showed two quilts that she did for clients but I didn't feel comfortable putting them on my blog as the women were not present.  Isn't this a beautiful back and beautiful quilting though?

This was a lovely Grandmother's Flower Garden from the 30's which had been professionally machine quilted and was beautifully done.  It made me change my mind about machine quilting vintage quilts!!

This was a lovely scrappy bowtie quilt done for a grandson.  

Each month they do a Block of the Month and there was quite a showing this month. Someone will have a very nice quilt when this is done!!

I should add that I was the program this month and did a trunk show with some of the quilt and wall hangings I have down here.  Of course I am missing a number of my showier quilts but they will probably have me do another show next year so I will bring them down.  I also showed them some of my hand dyed and marbled fabric.  I finished up with the Colin Firth story which had them all laughing a lot (as it always does).  It was great fun and I didn't bore them as I had feared.  I can get a little too enthusiastic sometimes!

I am making progress on the quilt here as the weather is nasty out again although it has been beautiful for a few days.  My biggest problem now is that I don't have enough of the purple and maybe the blue to do all the way around so will have to come up with a creative solution.  I have another shade of purple so that will probably work and I think I can squeeze out some blocks from a piece of marbled fabric that is close to the blue.  All part of the fun!!  It looks like the corner blocks may be red!!
 Had to add on a bird note as I am seeing more Bluebirds down where the Waxwings are still hanging out although not as many as before.  The male Bluebirds are just beautiful!

I swore off Yellow Rumped Warbler pictures but couldn't resist adding this one with the great tree texture and blue skies!

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