Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Answering my Request for a Purple Gallinule

It was a beautiful day to head to Leesburg Fl and the little park called Venetian Gardens.  You can always find Purple Gallinules there as well as the Common Gallinules (formerly called the Common Moorhen).  This pictures shows the Purple in the foreground with the Common in the background.  There were even more there than the last time I visited.

Here you can see the distinctive up tail feathers in back as well as the very big feet.  Look at all that color though!!  This is a mature bird.

Here the Gallinule is posing by the marshy area that he likes best.

This one doesn't have all their color yet and is spreading his wings a bit for the picture.

An other immature one with the tail up so you can see the white feathers.

This Common Gallinule was taking a dip.

We saw a couple of Anhingas drying out their wings on the shore of the pond area.  We also spotted some Cormorants in the bigger lake area.

Even though I have sworn off taking pictures of American Coots, needed these to complete the Gallinule family in the park.  


MarchAnn said...

Your pictures are wonderful and I love all the different birds you share with us.
Really enjoyed meeting you here in Ocala.

Bibby and Pa said...

From the lurker downunder I just love the collage of the birds in their colours - your new lens works wonders - keep up the wonderful photos.

Beth Brandkamp said...

Can't wait til my New Zealand/Fiji trip in our spring to see some new birds.