Tuesday, February 4, 2014

"Yellow" Birds from my Florida Visit

This beautiful Yellow-throated Warbler showed up at the feeder my first day visiting down in Fl and continued to visit almost every day I was there.

At first he was only interested in the suet but eventually decided the sunflower seeds were okay as well.

This was the Pine Warbler and there were dozens of them at the feeder almost continuously.  We found it very very difficult to differentiate these from the American Goldfinches which also frequented the feeders in their dull winter plummage.  A couple of Goldfinches may have slipped into these pictures.

I think this one may be a Goldfinch as there is no barring on the chest and the bill is a little stubbier than the Pine Warblers.  

At least the Palm Warblers were easy to identify by the yellow under their tail.  At first they only fed on the ground but later they joined the gang at the feeders.

And what group of warblers would be complete without the ubiquitous Yellow-rumped Warbler that has overtaken the woods down here.  Gail had fewer of them and I swore I wouldn't take a picture of one.  This one had the conspicuous yellow marking on his forehead though which I hadn't seen up here in NC.

I believe this is a Goldfinch in front with the House Finch in the rear.

You can see the faint yellow eyebrow on this Savannah Sparrow.  Several frequented the space below the feeders.

I loved the little Tufted Titmice that came to the feeder each day.  It was almost impossible to get a decent picture of one standing still.  I never did get a picture of the Carolina Chicadee which never stood still!!

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