Thursday, March 20, 2014

Back Outside Again!

I set out for a walk yesterday even though the weather was still uncertain but after about 15 minutes, the sun finally came back out again.  This Oystercatcher is about as close as I have ever come to one -- he was hanging out with a Royal Tern (same color beaks I guess) and then decided to walk on the rocks.  You can even see the two colors in the eye and the beak in this picture -- eye looks like  yellow surrounded by red closeup as well as the gold tip at the end of the beak.  I do love Oystercatchers!

He obviously posed for me a lot and here you can see his whole body including the pink legs.

There was also a pretty little Snowy Egret showing his spring feathers.  To me the Snowy Egrets are much showier than their larger cousin the Great Egret.

The Royal Tern finally woke up as he was asleep when sharing the post with the Oystercatcher!

I am getting ready for guests and trying very hard to get a small quilt done for the next quilt meeting which is on Monday -- don't think I will make it with the nice weather which doesn't inspire me to sew!

I am also taking a two day class next week with Vikki Pignatelli (her website) next Monday and Tuesday and guests are arriving on Wednesday and then I play duplicate bridge for several days -- they had to have been pretty desperate for a fourth as I haven't played duplicate bridge in probably 50 years and have very rarely played any kind of bridge since then!!!  Should be interesting!!

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