Sunday, March 16, 2014

Spring Visit to Airlie Gardens in Wilmington

Although a little chilly, it was a beautiful day to visit Airlie Gardens to see the Camelias which we figured would be in full bloom (if not a little over the hill).  The cool weather must have slowed things down as they were at peak and just beautiful as always.  This is a view into one of a couple of ponds that are featured on this vast estate.

One of the variegated varieties of Camelia which is among my favorites!

We have been seeing daffodils all around despite the rough weather a couple of weeks ago.

More daffodils!

These were the only tulips I saw though but in another month....

Like England, the pansies are a winter flower around here and  you can see them almost all winter although more vigorous as spring approaches.

I missed the Bluebirds that were  hanging out but when I looked up, I saw this stunning Red-headed Woodpecker.  Pictures don't do this bird justice!!  Quite a hole he is making there!

There were Gadwalls and Wigeons on the large pond with the nature trail around it.  Of course, they seemed to know which direction I was heading and managed to stay as far away from me as they could.  I finally did find a blind on one side off the path so I could get a decent picture of the Gadwall male and female.

A little fuzzy but this is a pair of Wigeons.  I keep hoping to see a Green-winged Teal but so far, no luck.

More Wigeons and there were also a lot of Ring-necked Ducks on another pond but sun direction was a problem so I could only get pictures good enough to identify the ducks.  There was also a male Blue-winged Teal in the bunch so probably the female was not far behind!!  Other visitors have gotten pictures of a male and female Wood Duck but they haven't been around when I visited.

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