Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Fiji - Part 2 - the Birds

We, unfortunately, didn't get to some parts of the islands where there was far less civilization and more of the endemic birds but we did see a few.  This was by far the most common and vocal of the birds -- the Common Myna.  They were at the pool all the time, trying to sneak food and taking baths in the pool.  They reminded me of our mockingbirds as they had many calls and had the white on the wings that our mockingbirds have.

Just a view after he took a bath -- all shiny.

One day I took the Bula Bus (bula is the common greeting in Fiji).  I spotted a couple of these Pacific Swallows on a power line at the Denarau Port where there was shopping.  Looked a lot like our barn swallows except for the markings on the head which you can't see well here.

This is a Red-Vented Bulbul which was by the pool.  I had seen the first one of these also at the Port.

There were three or four of these Parrot Finches feeding by the pool.  Warren noticed them first as one was right next to him in a bush.  They are really tiny birds (probably no more than 3 1/2 inches long) but very colorful.

Here you can see his color even better!

This is a Danaid Eggfly which seems to be very different from habitat to habitat.  Had to get an identification using the FB Entomology site.

I saw one other butterfly and a very small moth as well.  The butterfly looked like one of our sulfurs but  didn't land anywhere long enough to get a picture!

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